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By Rebecca Moore April 05, 2019

2019 Horoscopes:
What Each Sign Can Expect

Is 2019 off to the start that you had imagined? No matter how things are going in your life, it could be worthwhile to know your 2019 horoscope. 2019 is a year dominated by Saturn, which could prove to be motivating and inspiring. However, Mercury enters retrograde three times, which could create emotional havoc. Below, you’ll find 2019 horoscopes based on astrological signs.


Mars dominates the 2019 horoscope for an Aries. You likely found that you started the year going a hundred miles an hour. You may have set New Year’s Resolutions and stuck with them early. The ambition that you exhibited during the first couple of months of 2019 will likely set the tone for the rest of the year.

This ambition and drive could potentially lead to burnout later in the year. Around early October, Mars will enter Libra. Mars was the driving influence behind your goals, so you may not feel as willing to take career risks or exhibit such passion. Be mindful of how you portray this to others.


The 2019 horoscope for Taurus’ is positive, in the sense that love or money should not cause trauma. Toward the end of November, Venus-Jupiter conjunction with Sagittarius will enter your picture. This should provide you with laid-back, easygoing energy. Life around this time will not be stressful. You likely already went through a period like this at the end of January. You can look forward to another one coming later in the year.


Gemini’s are up for an exciting 2019, even if Mercury enters retrograde frequently. However, this could provide a period of opportunity for you, allowing you to use your gut instincts. Doing so may require a leap of faith for you, as you’re used to taking an analytical, thorough approach. However, thanks to Mercury entering retrograde, you have an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and look at things in a much different light.


As a Cancer, 2019 is shaping up to be your time to shine. You have an excellent opportunity to grasp the reins and take control of your life. Hopefully, this process has already begun. 2018 likely saw you shy and insecure, retreating to your comfort zone. The reasons for this could have included a bad experience, such as a break-up, unexpected news, and career disappointments.

In June and July, your confidence will likely wane. However, you should try to enjoy the summer months, soaking in the sun. Fall should bring about much more spirit, as Pluto enters your life.


As a Leo, you likely began the year with drama, as you’ll experience significant changes in your life. You probably shared this news with the world if it was good, proud of your accomplishments. In July, you’ll see the Sun, Mars, and Venus enter your sign. You’ll find a craving to be around others and organize social gatherings. You could also use these elements as motivation to start a big project and better yourself, making yourself the best you can be.


As a Virgo, you’re extremely practical and straightforward. This bodes well for your 2019 horoscope. However, you’ll likely find that the first couple months of the year are full of conflicting thoughts, as you struggle to figure out what you can do to improve yourself. An agonizing thought process will eventually lead to clarity about your future path. August will also be a busy month, bringing clarity to love, money, and career projects.


As a Libra, your 2019 will be the year of developing personal relationships. Venus has a substantial presence in your life this year. You’ll most feel her effects in the middle of September whenyour life is full of balance.

During this time, your life will be in perfect harmony, and you won’t find yourself impacted by some of the smaller things that may have gotten to you in the past. At the end of March, a full moon will cause you to focus on strengthening personal bonds.


Mars will stay in your life for the year, providing drive and motivation that should last for 2019. You’ll also find that Saturn stays in Capricorn, which allows you to work with integrity, sticking to your morals. However, you may see that this causes you to become too stressed. You should find ways to let loose and relax. Perhaps consider receiving a massage or attending a couple of therapeutic yoga classes.


As a Sagittarius, you are always looking to learn new things. 2019 should provide you with the opportunity to do so. Jupiter remains in your astrological sign until early December, which will give you a sense of open-mindedness and a willingness to try new things. However, Jupiter enters a slight retrograde from April until August, which could cause you to become much more reflective.


Saturn, your ruling planet, spends a good amount of time in your sign this year. You’ll find that Saturn provides you with plenty of opportunities to improve your life. If you found yourself having new ideas, 2019 is the year to put them into play. You’ll likely face some challenges between April and September when Saturn enters retrograde, but you’ll come out a stronger person as a result.


Saturn spends much of the year in Capricorn, which demonstrates that it’s time to get serious about making changes in your life. You’ll likely face challenges from late April to early September when you’ll find yourself overanalyzing things. Try to think more positively about things in your life instead of dwelling on past mistakes.


Pisces are in for an exciting year, as Neptune spends the entire year within your astrological sign. Neptune’s presence will likely make you a more trusting individual. You’ll probably find that throughout the year, you’ll put the needs of others ahead of yours. However, you’ll face a significant struggle between June and late November, when Neptune enters retrograde.

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