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By Rebecca Moore September 25, 2019

Is The Moon Affecting Your Life?

is the moon affecting your life

If the sun is our action, the moon is our reaction. Largely the moon rules how we instinctively react to situations that happen in our lives, while the actions we actually take are ruled by the sun. The moon reaches into and influences our deepest sense of human self, through those unconscious feelings or actions that make us simply what we “are”. With such a deep connection with the moon, it’s easy to see how its position relative to your star sign might have an effect on your life and how you go about living it.

The moon doesn’t just rule our reaction, it also shows how we go about naturally protecting ourselves, making ourselves feel secure, protected, and safe. Like many of our instincts, these come through due to a primal urge to keep safe both physically and emotionally. For most star signs, the sun rules more of what you do than the moon, but this isn’t true for all.

Some star signs find that they’re more powerfully influenced by the position of the moon, and this rings particularly true with water signs. Just like how the moon influences the tide of the ocean, it also influences the tide of life for Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These star signs might find that their personalities are more greatly in line with their moon sign than they are with their traditional star sign, or sun sight.

Finding Your Moon Sign

In order to find your moon sign, you’ll need to have your birth date, time, and location handy. The moon changes signs and position around every 2.5 days; so two individuals of the same sun horoscope sign might be of completely different moon signs, as the moon affects their life in a completely different way.

Finding Your Moon Sign

Some ways different moon signs may affect your everyday life are:

Moon in Aries – For those who are born with the moon in Aries, they may find that patience is not their strong suit. Their natural reaction is to get what they want and to get it as quickly as possible. Feelings are dealt with in a straightforward way, and those who are born into moon signs that are more passive than the fiery Aries may take this harshly.

Moon in Taurus – Those born with moon in Taurus tend to be pretty rooted in their ways, finding that they have a more stubborn reaction to change of thought or situation. They strive to build a strong and sturdy foundation in order to keep
themselves feeling safe, secure, and comfortable.

Moon in Gemini – Moon in Gemini individuals, while pleasant and charming, can
tend to react irritably at times. They may find the complicated feelings of others
difficult to handle at times but will persevere using their passion for information.
Restlessness is a big issue for moon in Gemini, and they tend to feel happiest when they have plenty of organized projects to turn their attention to.

Moon in Cancer – Those with their moon in Cancer tend to have a natural ability to seamlessly connect with the emotions and feelings of others. These tend to be clingy individuals, who would rather stick to certain aspects of life that make them comfortable in order to feel truly secure. Despite mood swings that can stem from an inability to successfully compartmentalize, they are pleasant and dependable people.

moon at dawn

Moon in Leo – Moon in Leo individuals might not be as immediately outgoing as their star sign Leo counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t inherently enjoy being the center of attention. The moon in Leo sign feels comfortable and happy organizing and controlling meetups with family and friends, using their strengths in a setting where they know they’re loved and cared to.

Moon in Virgo – Moon in Virgo signs really take comfort in organizing and enjoying the little things in their lives. They feel at ease taking care of all the “errands” that may annoy other signs, like stopping at the post office, picking up a few things from the store, or making sure the bills are paid. When faced with pressure and stress, moon in Virgo tends to feel worried and overwhelmed.

Moon in Libra – Moon in Libra horoscope signs crave meaningful partnerships in order to feel complete. In their reactions, they tend to treat others gently and win over individuals with their refined nature. While this makes easy work of finding
partnerships to partake in, their natural tendency to find the flaws in relationships can cause trouble later on down the road.

Moon in Scorpio – Those born with moon in Scorpio seek out emotional intensity in order to feel truly fulfilled. With a natural knack for seeking it out, they’re incredible at seeing beyond the layers of what a person is saying or doing in order to find the raw emotion underneath. Their reactions tend to stir up emotional excitement in order to satisfy their need for these intense experiences.

girl holding the moon

Moon in Sagittarius – Moon in Sagittarius individuals really need to feel their freedom in order to feel their best. They have a natural urge to remain active, and this could mean physical, mental, or emotional activity as a situation deems fit. They may find themselves having a tough time keeping an ordinary everyday routine.

Moon in Capricorn – Moon in Capricorn signs have a strong need to feel both useful and productive in all things in their life. When they react to a situation, they’re most likely to immediately come up with a solution or a way they can help.
In their reactions, moon in Capricorn will often respond to situations with a clear and cool head.

Moon in Aquarius – Natural observers and analyzers, moon in Aquarius wants to take what others do and figure out the why. This happens without thought, and it’s a subconscious natural urge that helps them to really understand those around them. While they may enjoy socializing, moon in Aquarius often feels a bit different from others and may take refuge in their time spent alone.

Moon in Pisces – Lunar Pisces horoscope signs are the dreamers of the moon signs, and in a water sign, their moon position sometimes overtakes their sun position when it comes to how the horoscope affects your everyday life. They have a natural ability to be in touch with the subtleties of human nature, which gives them a greater understanding of those around them.

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  • This is so true!!!

    ikram on

  • I think the moon does affect our moods.

    Gina Stevens on

  • It’s not.

    Michael Christofield on

  • I didn’t know about moons. Thanks!

    James Lee on

  • I have always been affected by the lunar cycles

    Tina Gruszauskas on

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