Four Things To Know About Each Sign

Things To Know About Each Sign

Each horoscope sign has distinct traits that mold their personalities, outlooks on life, and compatibility with others. Knowing a few key star sign characteristics for each sign can give you a small bit of insight about any person you know or are about to meet.

Aries – Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, they’re the first sign that will take action in any situation, they can be impatient, and they possess a certain youthful energy.
Leo – The Leo has a warm heart, unparalleled loyalty, and they’re typically first to volunteer to lead. They may be prone to arrogance, however, when they feel over-confident in any sort of social or professional situation.
Sagittarius – Sagittarius star signs are typically extroverted, they’re hungry for adventure, and they can connect with anyone but they sometimes struggle with respectful expression.
Taurus – Taurus is the star sign you can rely on. Along with reliability, the Taurus is grounded, realistic, and sometimes stubborn to a fault. You can always rely on Taurus, but it may take some pushing to get them to do something they’re not enthusiastic about.
Virgo – Virgos can be critical, but they’re hardworking, prepared, and loyal to all who earn their love and affection.
Capricorn – Self-control, independence, and discipline are natural to the Capricorn. They can, however, be unforgiving when they feel they’ve been wronged.
Gemini – Gemini can be nervous and indecisive, but they’re also known to be affectionate and highly communicative. Gemini can make friends wherever they go!
Libra – Deep emotional connections and a lust for knowledge drive the Libra. However, this star sign may be indecisive and put themselves last.
Aquarius – Aquarius thinks deeply, creates readily, and is ready to help anyone in need. Aquarius, however, may have trouble with emotional expression.
Scorpio – The Scorpio may have a tendency to find themselves jealous in various situations. However, their bravery, assertiveness, and passion lead others to be drawn to their intriguing personality.
Cancer – Loyalty, imagination, and sympathy come naturally to the Cancer star sign. However, when in certain difficult situations, they may find themselves verging toward moodiness or manipulation.
Pisces – Pisces can be hard on themselves, and they may verge toward self-pity when faced with a particularly daunting challenge. However, as true romantics, they get along well with all different types of people and they have a true love for giving back.