Introducing We Love Horoscope

Welcome to We Love Horoscope! Although we are a new site, we have a strong passion and years of experience with star signs. We hope to be a one-stop-shop for all things horoscopes. No matter if you’re looking for a daily outlook or are interested in purchasing a zodiac-themed gift, we’re here for you.

Our Beginnings

Our love for horoscopes has been around since childhood. Raised in a household with “New Age” parents, we were always allowed to pursue our dreams and passions. It was our “starry-eyed childhood” that allowed us to discover the stars, astrology, and the meaning behind them.

After years of working a traditional 9-5, we realized that we were missing something more. The desire to do something with our love for horoscopes was growing stronger and stronger.

Why We Choose to Start the Site

Now, more than ever, horoscopes are beginning to make a resurgence. The internet has changed the way people access information. People can now find an in-depth horoscope in a matter of seconds. They could follow an account on social media that provide them with their daily star sign for the day. Because of how we obtain information, it’s now easier than ever to access astrological readings.

 Even though free will determines whether our daily horoscopes
come true, having an idea of what could happen in the future provides us
with a sense of relief.

Not since the “New Age,” a progressive era in the 70s, have horoscopes been so popular. During the New Age, zodiac signs saw a tremendous rise in popularity. However, coming out of this age, horoscopes became stagnant, and interest began to decline. Now, over the past couple of years, star signs have become more popular again, mainly thanks to millennials who are interested in the topic.

However, when browsing online, we found ourselves wanting more. We tried to create a website that not only provided readers with answers to “What is my horoscope?” but also access to quality products as well.

At We Love Horoscope, we also understand why zodiac signs are so appealing. Star signs give us a sense of control over our lives. Even though free will determines whether our daily horoscopes come true, having an idea of what could happen in the future provides us with a sense of relief.

If you read your daily horoscope and it says that something good is going to happen, you can go into that day with a positive attitude. If the outlook for your daily horoscope is not as positive, your red flags will be up so that you could keep an eye out for warning signs. Our goal at We Love Horoscope is to provide you with high-quality, free horoscopes that you could use when need be and also offer a wide variety of cute, creative and collectable zodiac-themed gift items. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself visiting frequently!

What Is a Horoscope?

Horoscope signs have been around since ancient times. The practice relies on analyzing the position of the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets at your time of birth. The belief is that the unique situations of these elements indicate the types of energies present in your life. In-depth horoscopes also rely on things such as your location of birth as well, meaning every person has a unique horoscope sign, much like they have a fingerprint.

You may be used to seeing daily horoscopes in your local newspaper or magazine. While potentially beneficial, they can at times be vague and ambiguous.


At We Love Horoscope, we seek to provide you in-depth information for your career, financial situation, love life, daily outlook, or yearly outlook.

One of the most significant critiques of horoscopes comes from those who say that their horoscope doesn’t come true. It’s critical to note that horoscopes are not an exact science and that there is no accurate way to predict the future. Star signs are predictions for what could happen. However, elements like free will can often change what happens in reality.

Zodiac Shop

Not only do we seek to provide you with free horoscopes, but we also hope to serve as your go-to horoscope shop. No matter if you’re looking for a star-sign gift for your home or office or are interested in zodiac gifts for your loved one, we’re willing to bet that we have the ideal gift for you. We offer numerous products geared explicitly to lovers of all things star signs, including jewelry, wine glasses, t-shirts, compact mirrors, mousepads.


Additionally, we also provide our readers with how-to guides so that they can choose the ideal gift for their loved one. But perhaps the thing that stands out about us the most is the fact that our products are of the highest of quality. We continually search for zodiac gifts that are cute and creative. If there’s a particular horoscope gift that you don’t see on our site, let us know so that we can attempt to source it for you at an affordable price.

When creating our astrology shop, there were four virtues that we sought to achieve:

  • •    Cleverness
  • •    Variety
  • •    Quality
  • •    Creativity

First and foremost, we want the gifts in our astrology shop to be unique. We want them to be the types of gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. We also want them to be the type of gift that will bring a smile to the face of your star-crossed lover.

Second, we want to ensure that we provide our readers with a variety of products. Too often, zodiac shops have a selection of a mere handful of products. Perhaps they have one item or two for each zodiac sign. We attempt to provide numerous products for each of the 12 star signs.

We also want to make sure that our products are of the highest quality. Our goal is to build a community of astrology lovers who routinely visit our site because they know that they can trust the information and products that we provide. Lastly, we want to provide our readers with creative products. We don’t want to give them the same dime-a-dozen gifts that they could find on any astrology shop site. We want our products to be exciting and fun.