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Cusp signs really saw a surge in popularity sometime around the year 2010. The star sign cusp applies to those individuals who were born right on the cusp of two signs, like a person born on April the 19th may say they’re an Aries with a Taurus horoscope sign cusp. This means that they were born in Aries, but they’re so close to Taurus that they’ve adopted some of the traits of Taurus along with the traits of Aries. This hasn’t always been a thing, but really has drawn interest in recent years.

This belief largely stems from the belief that the sun can be in two signs at once while making its transition. When you think about the sun going around a pie-shaped wheel, this makes sense, but the position of the zodiac houses isn’t much like a pie and the sun will only be in 1 house at 1 time.

Are Cusp Signs a Thing?

Cusp sign gifts might be hard to come by, but there’s a positive that comes along with this – cusp signs aren’t officially considered recognized by professionals in astrology. Astrologers are firmly in the camp that the cusp sign isn’t real, and your sign coincides with wherever the sun was positioned at the time of your birth. The sun does not go into different signs at the same time, and if you were born at 5:30pm on April 19th, you’re still an Aries rather than an Aries/Taurus cusp.

This is a relief for many who are looking for cusp sign gifts as they can authentically go with star sign gifts of a person’s recognized sign instead. Rather than looking for a shirt or wine glass that features an Aries/Taurus cusp, the Aries cusp alone is more genuine. It also clears up confusion for a lot of folks who may be wondering just “who” they really might be. There is no debate about whether they’re in one house or another, or whether they’re“more” one sign or another – they are the sun sign that they are.

What If I See Traits of My Cusp?

One of the biggest reasons for defending cusp signs is that some people may see traits within themselves that go more in line with their cusp sign than the sign they were born in. Oftentimes this makes a whole lot of sense when a person looks at their complete birth chart and sees that sign present in other areas than their main horoscope sign or sun sign. The Aries/Taurus cusp might find that at the time of their birth the moon or another planet was in Taurus, giving them those Taurus traits they had mistaken for being “cusp”. It wasn’t that they were exhibiting cusp traits, they just had strong traits coming through from their other planetary signs.

In other situations, certain traits might be misunderstood. A person who was born on September 23rd, at the start of Libra season, might have the perfectionist tendencies of their Virgo cusp, but not realize that this is also a common Libran trait. Libras love all things – elegance, grace, beauty, ambition, and perfectionism falls right in line with those traits as well. Simply put, these traits may express themselves within one individual a little differently than they do the next of the same exact sign.

Getting a better understanding of these sign-based traits can even help you to appreciate your star sign nature further. When you have a full understanding of your horoscope traits and how they relate to your own expression you’ll begin to see more of your authentic sign within yourself.

How Do I Know Where My Cusp Traits Come From?

It’s likeliest your cusp traits come from other planetary alignments at the time of your birth. The best way to have this broken down is by having a natal chart done using your exact time, date, and place of birth. This will let you know where all planets were arranged at the time of your birth, and this may reveal compelling information regarding your cusp traits and other traits you may possess.

What the different planets signify in your life include:

The Sun – Your sun sign is your horoscope sign. This represents the ego and sense of self. It’s where our true self resides and how we form our identities. This is the self that you most often show outwardly to others.

Moon – The moon guides your emotions and your feeling. Your moon sign will guide you in how you process your emotions and the thought processes that go on inside. While your sun sign represents who you show to the world, your moon sign is who you show to yourself.

Mercury – Mercury guides your ability to teach, learn, and communicate. Those with bolder communication styles might find that Mercury was in the position of Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius.

Venus – Venus is all about love. Your Venus sign might explain your love language, how you approach love, and how you like to be loved. It may also have impact on what attracts you to people, places, or things.

Mars – Mars guides how we assert ourselves or fight our way out of situations. Those with Mars in a strong sign may be more likely to be fighters, while those with Mars in a more passive sign might be more likely to be flighters.

Jupiter – Growth and generosity are controlled by Jupiter. How you grow, experience new things, and how you help others to do the same, may be influenced by your Jupiter sign.

Saturn – Your Saturn sign tells you how disciplined you are and how you face tasks or challenges in your life. Learning about your Saturn sign can tell you how to best approach professional situations in particular.

Uranus – Uranus is an important sign; it controls your individuality and your passion for change. It takes Uranus a full 84 years to make a complete rotation around the sun so large groups of people will often have the same Uranus sign together. During the 1960’s period of change, most of the young people had their Uranus sign in Aquarius.

Neptune – Neptune controls one’s intuition and their ability to heal. Stepping away from one’s own ego and into their spiritual authentic selves one will find their guidance by Neptune.

Pluto – Pluto guide’s one’s power and transformation. Our ability to be reborn into something bigger and better, and how we approach taking charge will be influenced by Pluto’s position at the time of birth.

Breaking Down Your Sign and Breaking Away From the Cusp

Even if you were born right at the beginning or the end of a horoscope sign, you’re still solidly in that sun sign. This is something to be proud of and to celebrate, even as you explore all of the other various traits you may find in yourself that seem to correspond better with your “cusp” sign or other signs. When you break down your natal chart and see where other planets are aligned outside of your sun sign, you may even be inspired to search deeper within yourself while looking for these various sign traits all throughout your life.

Even if you were born right at the beginning or the end of a horoscope sign, you’re still solidly in that sun sign.

While cusp signs may have seen a boost in popularity in recent years, the majority of astrologists agree that cusp signs aren’t something to concern yourself with and instead one should embrace their true sun sign as it stands. In the process, you may even learn to appreciate your sun sign even more.


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