Understanding Astrological Trines And Your Three Ruling Planets

If one were to divide the natal chart into thirds, they would get three 120-degree angles. One of those is called a “trine,” and it occurs when two planets are in synchronicity with one another. Those planets are sharing the same element, whether it is fire, water, air, or earth. These synchronous planets are working together, and they are both traveling toward the same outcome or goal. If your natal chart has a trine aspect within it, you might see your own natural talents or goals represented within those planets.

For each element, there are three horoscope signs in trine with one another. Air is covered by Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. Earth is represented by Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces represent water, while Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fire.

The Planets And Trine Aspects

Different planets in trine with one another will bring about different skills, outcomes, or fortunes. For instance, if you have a planet like Jupiter in trine with Mercury, you can combine Jupiter’s luck with Mercury’s skill in communication, and the result is a suddenly silver tongue. You may notice that your decision-making is easier, you always have the right thing to say, or you find yourself communicating more eloquently with ease.

Those born with two planets in trine might find they have certain innate skills and abilities that are explained by the planets exchanging energies at the time of their birth. Using the same planetary example, a person born with Jupiter and Mercury in trine might find that they began talking earlier in life, they have a natural knack for public speaking, and they find open communication easy and comfortable.

The planetary trine aspect brings the energies of two planets together by allowing them to flow easily between one another while in this position.

The Planets In Trine Aspect

The planets play a big role in the power of the trine aspect, and bringing two planets together amplifies the energies they put into the universe. Each planet is responsible for different energies, and the astrological chart features ten planets with the inclusion of Pluto, the moon, and the sun. The meanings of these planets and the energies they contribute are the following:

The Sun – Ruling Leo, the sun symbolizes ego, stamina, consciousness, vitality, and one’s base personality. The Sun, like in life, is a powerful planet in astrology and fits in nicely with its horoscope sign of Leo.

The Moon – The moon rules the star sign of Cancer, and it represents emotions, instincts, habits, moods, and the subconscious. While the sun has big and bold energies, the moon’s energies are more subtle. Rather than representing ego or consciousness, the moon balances out the sun with focus on subconscious, emotions, and instinct.

Mercury – Ruling both Gemini and Virgo, Mercury transits every 3 to 4 weeks and symbolizes the mind, communication, language, reason, and intelligence. If Mercury and the Sun are in trine, one may experience a rush of confident communication and an edge for debate with the mixing of stamina, mind play, and communicative energies.

Venus – Ruling Libra and Taurus is Venus, which symbolizes attraction, love, relationships, art, harmony, and beauty. Those with Venus and Mercury in trine may find themselves drawn to writing, poetry, or music as these artful and language energies are in synchronicity.

Mars – The planet ruling Aries, Mars is passionate and somewhat aggressive. Symbolizing aggression, sex, action, desire, competition, passion, and courage, Mars can bring a bit of tumult to a trine when combined with another planet’s energies.

Jupiter – Luck, growth, optimism, abundance, and understanding are represented by Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius. When in trine, Jupiter has the optimistic knack for bringing a bit of brightness and luck to another planet’s energies while working together.

Saturn – Capricorn’s ruling planet of Saturn symbolizes structure, law, discipline, responsibility, ambition, and obligation. In trine with a planet like Mercury, Saturn can give a noticeable boost in meetings and professional circumstances where communication and responsibility merge. Those born with Mercury and Saturn in trine may find themselves naturally drawn to law professions.

Uranus – Ruling Aquarius, Uranus symbolizes rebellion, eccentricity, unpredictability, and reformation. This free-spirited planet has energies that boost creativity and fun in life, and those born with Uranus and the moon in trine may find themselves naturally drawn to self-expression, development, and free will. They will have no issue expressing themselves without abandon or inhibition.

Neptune – Symbolizing or representing dreams, intuition, imagination, delusions, and mysticism, Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces. When in trine with Uranus or the Moon, these synchronized energies provide a boost in creativity and a natural love for authentic self-expression. Individuals born with Neptune in trine with planets like the moon or Uranus will often find themselves drawn to the unknown or the mysteries of the world.

Pluto – While no longer considered a planet in the traditional sense, Pluto is still considered one of the astrological planets as it is a satellite from our position here on earth. Ruling Scorpio, Pluto symbolizes death, transformation, rebirth, evolution, and power. While in trine with other planets, Pluto often contributes its energies to transformation and rebirth to represent new beginnings or fresh starts in various aspects of life. Pluto in trine with Libra, for instance, may represent the end of a current relationship that ushers in the beginning of a new period of life.

Trine Aspect And Personality

When one is born with certain planets in trine, they may find that they have natural abilities, talents, or things they have been drawn to for as long as they can remember. This is the influence of powerful planetary energies working together to make an imprint on an individual. Not all trine aspects work this way, and one may feel temporary or occasional trine energies during certain periods of their life as different planets move in position with one another. Learning the trine aspects of your birth chart can provide useful insight into your natural personality.