Is 2022 Your Year of Lucky In Love

Maybe 2020 wasn’t your year and 2021 hasn’t been very lucky in the love department so far either; what about 2022? For many signs, the year 2022 is looking like a luckier year than those in the recent past, but you might want to look for the right signs. Your love horoscope for next year will tell you what to prepare for, how to manage current relationships, and where to look for your horoscope sign compatibility.

If you’re interested in making the most of your love life next year, maybe it’s time to look to the stars. How 2022 is shaping up in the love department for the horoscope signs is:


Many Aries experienced a positive 2021 in the love department, but 2022 will either take things deeper or put to rest what isn’t meant to be. For those who have found love in 2021, the year2022 will be all about moving past the pure honeymoon period and trying out the stresses of everyday living. It’s recommended that Aries take things slow when introducing their love interests to their everyday life complexities and practical concerns. This way their relationship can mature and grow from it. For those who haven’t been lucky in love for2021, be on the lookout for friendships that start turning into something more.


Taurus may have been experiencing something ofa dry spell or a rough patch in recent years, but it’s not time to lose hope. Taurus may find someone special in the early parts of 2022,giving them the bit of excitement they haven’t experienced in quite awhile. This might result in something serious, or it might result in the opening of a few more doors you can enjoy exploring later on throughout the year.


Gemini can expect a lot of beauty throughout 2022. Married Gemini will have long blissful periods of fun and harmony. While single Gemini will find fun or serious love depending on what they’re looking for. Gemini in relationships can expect these to get more serious throughout the year. For those who are dating in 2022, it’s important to remember your tendency to get bored and to work to keep the spark going if you want fresh relationships to have a chance to last.


Curiosity about love rules the Cancer in 2022, as single Cancers seek out love, adventure, and fun without the need to be serious. Those who aren’t looking to settle down and get serious will find fulfilment in their love for their children, careers, or hobbies. Cancer should be aware that an individual from their past can come back in the early part of 2022 and the Cancer will need to assess what to do about the situation. In some instances, it may be worthwhile to try things out a second time, but it could also be best to let it go if the relationship was unhealthy the first time.


The early part of 2022 focuses on career, learning, and creating, but things start heating up around July. Single Leos might find an interesting new love prospect who sweeps them off their feet with spontaneity, fun, and excitement. But things get intense fast and it’s important to look at the situation logically. Married Leos may have been experiencing some rough patches for the last couple of years, but 2022 is largely a year centered around optimism and growth. Enjoy this light period with socialization, personal growth, and simply enjoying each other’s company.


Virgo has been enjoying, or not enjoying, an exciting and anything but dull handful of years. Ups, downs, growth, setbacks, and everything in between has been finding its place in all aspects of Virgo’s life. 2022 is the year things slow down for Virgo and it’s a welcome change from the chaos. If a single Virgo is looking to find a relationship, this might just be the year you find that person who makes you want to settle down and get serious. For married Virgos, this might be the time when the tumultuousness finally ends, so you can sit back and enjoy each other’s company.


Since 2018, Libra has been frustrated with detours, setbacks, and bumps in the road when it comes to love. After April of2022, things begin to clear up, and Libra can go back to enjoying success as the social butterfly they’re meant to be. Libras who have experienced separation will have some sort of finality to their situation– whether it’s getting back together or moving on for good. 2022 is a year to feel optimistic about for single and married Libras alike.


2022 is the year that Scorpio must learn to give up the casual and superfluous and welcome in something a little deeper and more fulfilling. If they do so, it’ll be there waiting for them. Married Scorpio that have been experiencing conflict and upheaval enjoy a settling period through 2022 and connections are able to be reforged. For single Scorpios, early in the year might bring an old love interest back into your life, and it’s recommended to analyze the situation fully and carefully before diving in. This may not be the one you wish to move into that deeper sort of relationship with.


The first half of the year for Sagittarius is all about working on self. Focus on career, growth, and learning up until around June of 2022. Then switch your focus on social matters and looking for love. The work on self will benefit your luck with your new love interest. Through your work on self, you’ll be able to approach anew relationship with a level of maturity and calm you find lends itself to success in love.


Capricorn might expect to see someone from their past come back in early 2022, and a new future together might be discussed, but it’s important to hold back. Make sure to really look at the situation in a logical and unbiased manner first before diving into anything with them. You might find that changes aren’t as presentas they seem at first. If you have the choice between the old and the new, the new is likely to bring you more luck in love. Married Capricorn should watch their words and keep cognizant of just how much they can sting while in conflict with their spouse.


For the Aquarius that has been experiencing something of a dry spell or a funk in recent years you can expect to find someone exciting in 2022. Whether this person is a fun fling or something more serious is up to you. As for horoscope sign compatibility, don’t be surprised if this exciting new mate is a Libra,Gemini, or Leo. Married Aquarius will experience balance in their relationship as you and your partner fall into comfortable harmonious roles throughout the year.


Pisces has experienced a few years of indecision and 2022 is slated to be no different. Finding love isn’t what is difficult, it’s choosing what love is right for you. While focusing on the exciting is exciting, it also tends to lead to dead ends for the Pisces. Look past the novelty of a partner and really determine if there is a future present. This is particularly true during the summer months as a “summer love”comes into your life. Married Pisces should analyze the possible tumult in the relationship and focus instead on bringing calm.