The Meaning Behind Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Astrology is not dissimilar from deciphering an ancient language. It has many parts, many facets, and more depth than some may give it credit for. Sun signs or star signs are often given the most attention, but to really breakdown your full personality profile, your traits, and how you go about interacting with the world around you on a deeper level you’ll need to look at your sun sign, moon sign, and rising signs together. When you combine all of these elements you see how present yourself to the world, how you approach professional settings, how you view yourself, and more.

Your complete personality profile is made up of bits and pieces from all of these different signs, while your horoscope sign as a whole can be viewed asa beautiful quilt; a patchwork comprised of many different pieces

Getting To Know Your Sun Sign

If you’ve taken an interest in any basic astrology, chances are you know a little something already about your sun sign. Your sun sign is your “main”star sign and for good reason. Your sun sign represents your core self. It’s who or what you show to the world, it’s how you present yourself to others, and it’s at the core of most of your other traits. Even traits controlled by your moon or rising will often be influenced by your sun.

To find out your sun sign all you need is the month and day of your birth. Because it’s the most prominent sign and it’s the easiest to find, it’s typically the most popular sign individuals talk about when you’re asked, “what’s your sign?” Typically, a person will align most with their sun sign, or align most obviously with those traits.

If you have a Virgo moon sign, you may find that your inner self is rooted in perfectionism and hard work. Your Leo sun sign might shine brighter and align those traits in how you lead others in the world. The Virgo moon might influence, but it’s having an influence on the “show” run by your Leo sun.

What About Your Moon Sign?

While your sun sign is the sign that sits at your very core and shines in all aspects of life, your moon sign is your shadow. It’s always present, it may be hard to see, and it’s held often closely within. Those parts of your emotional self that you hold personally and deep within, those are aspects of your moon sign. The traits one holds due to their moon sign might not be those they’re ready or able to show to the outside world, and in some instances they may even be traits they hide even from themselves.

In order to find out what your moon sign is you’ll need your birth date, birth time, and location of your birth. Plugging this information into a natal chart generator will give you what your moon sign may be so that you can further research what your moon sign contributes to your inner self.

Learning more about one’s moon sign can be a telling and sometimes difficult experience. Because the traits controlled by your moon sign are so personal, they’re often points of vulnerability within many. Problematic perfectionism, a yearning to nurture, deep wants to resolve conflict, or certain insecurities can be revealed by figuring out more about what your moon contributes to your life. It’s not rare for people to discover their moon sign and learn traits about themselves they may have stuffed down deep or haven’t wanted to realize they possess.

The traits that your moon sign contributes to you aren’t negative, they’re just deeply personal, vulnerable, and rich in personal meaning. If a person is having trouble with processing emotion or communicating effectively, they may wish to look to their moon sign for answers to overcome these issues.

Learning About Rising Signs

You have your sun sign, your moon sign, and what about your rising sign? Your rising sign is also known as your ascendant sign, and it’s the sign that starts your personal zodiac chart. Your rising sign is the sign that rested on the horizon as you were first born into the world. Rising signs change around every 2 hours, so to find yours you will need your birth date, location, and exact birth time. A person born at 12pm will have a completely different rising sign than a person born just a few hours later.

Your rising sign is a bit different than your sun sign or your moon sign. While your sun sign is who you are at your core and your moon sign is who you are in your very depths, your rising sign is the mask you wear to the world. It’s the protection you put up to safeguard your true self, and who you may be when you’re feeling nervous or unsure. If you’ve ever had a big meeting, and you’re putting on your best face to make the best impression on a client, your rising sign is that face you put on.

Rising signs can teach us quite a bit about self-awareness and how a person can adapt or evolve depending on their surroundings. When one looks honestly at their sun, moon, and rising signs, they can see a lot about themselves, what they hide from the world around them, and how they quickly adapt when needed. A person with a Gemini rising sign, for instance, may find it easy to change little parts of who they are and how they display themselves depending on the company they keep. A person with a rising sign in Libra might put on their best appearance and become particularly affable or charismatic when putting on their public “mask”.

How The Signs Are Working Together

People are multifaceted, and your signs are working together at all times to make up those facets. Your friends, family, and spouse are who you show your sun sign to, while your moon sign is only for yourself. Then your rising sign is what you show to colleagues, acquaintances, and strangers. What this creates is a profile of who you are at your center, who you are in your depths, and who you become plainly on a surface level.

Your moon sign and rising signs are more closely linked than many consider at first. Because your moon sign deals with what is going on in the most vulnerable parts of your psyche, your rising sign traits are often used to mask these vulnerabilities or sensitivities without your even realizing it. Your sun sign has influence on both, and may explain how you express what your moon has you feeling or how your rising has you acting.

For instance, someone with an Aquarius moon sign might be introverted at heart, private, and even a bit shy. A person with this moon sign who has a Leo rising sign might give off an air of boisterousness, pride, and boldness when interacting with others. When they’re finished with these interactions, they might find themselves feeling exhausted or drained, and this is a result of rising and moon signs working against each other in order to “protect” one another. When this is realized that person might be able to learn to dial back the Leo rising in order to save the Aquarius moon, leaving them feeling satisfied but balanced when the interaction is done.

Knowing and recognizing your sun, moon, and rising signs can help you to achieve inner balance throughout any interaction in life.