Using Your Star Sign to Plan the Perfect Summer Getaway

Using Your Star Sign To Plan The Perfect Summer Getaway Planning a summer vacation or a weekend getaway, but have no idea where to go? Let your star sign be your guide for the experience of a lifetime.


Excitement might as well be the middle name for this zodiac sign, and summer vacation means a grand adventure. The last thing an Aries needs is to lounge by the pool. Getting out their energy on a trip is how they come back refreshed and ready to take on the next project. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: Southern California – the lights of LA, the surf of San Diego, and a quick drive to Vegas
  • Weekend getaway: Hiking the Flatirons in Boulder, CO.
  • Extended endeavor: Exploring the outback in Australia


The Taurus loves to be pampered and prefers summer vacations that are less adventurous but more glamorous. When this star sign takes a break, they do it in style. Every destination must have all the comforts of home, such as running water and good coffee. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: All-inclusive resort in the Bahamas
  • Weekend getaway: Wine tours in Napa Valley, CA.
  • Extended endeavor: Paris, France


The Gemini is up for just about anything, but they become bored easily. For this reason, a summer vacation lounging by the shore will be more annoying than relaxing. The Gemini’s sense of duality is supported by a trip that offers a mix of adventure and peace. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: Charleston, S.C.
  • Weekend getaway: New York, New York
  • Extended endeavor: A dual trip to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem


This emotional star sign appreciates the home life, and comfort is essential wherever they go. A trip that takes them far away from home for too long might be more than they’re willing to do. Breaking up a long vacation into short getaways is best, but a week-long vacation can be spent renting a condo or a home by the beach. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: Bethany Beach, DE
  • Weekend getaway: Disneyland with the family – Anaheim, CA
  • Extended endeavor: Apartment rental in the South of France


A natural star sign that loves to be admired, the perfect trip for a Leo is anywhere the party is. This sign rarely does anything on a small scale, so it stands to reason that the best vacation is a grand vacation full of fun. Their motto is: Go big, or don’t go at all. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: The Venetian Resort or Four Seasons Hotel – Las Vegas, NV
  • Weekend getaway: Laguna Beach, CA
  • Extended endeavor: Party in Ibiza


A constant planner, Virgo probably already has vacations and getaways mapped out for the coming year. But if, by chance, they’ve been too busy to make those plans, they need to find places that will appeal to their perfectionist nature. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: Everything wrapped up in once place – Lake George, NY
  • Weekend getaway: Baltimore, MD
  • Extended endeavor: Safaris and wine tours in South Africa


A balanced star sign that loves to take it easy and people watch, the Libra would rather explore an old city, rich with architecture than the white sands of any beach. They love charm, romance, and peace, but they still love to get out and about to see the cultural sites. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: Barcelona, Spain
  • Weekend getaway: Martha’s Vineyard – Massachusetts
  • Extended endeavor: Venice, Italy


The Scorpio loves to get away and recharge. They love doing it through nature. However, this star sign also loves sensual and mysterious places on the map that calls to their curious nature. A Scorpio loves places that offer both adventure, and a place to unplug. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: Hawaii – The Big Island
  • Weekend getaway: New Orleans, LA
  • Extended endeavor: Johannesburg, South Africa


This is the zodiac sign that loves to travel more than the rest. In fact, they probably had a few adventures already this year. They can be the best traveling companion on the planet, as long as you let them lead, and go with their vibe. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: The Grand Canyon – AZ
  • Weekend getaway: Taos, NM
  • Extended endeavor: Backpacking tour of South America



This star sign is hard working and driven, rarely taking time to get away from it all. A vacation that combines work and play is the ultimate respite for the goal-oriented Capricorn. A summer trip should include trips to historical landmarks, museum tours, and anything that adds has educational value. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: Colonial Williamsburg – Williamsburg, VA
  • Weekend getaway: Baseball Hall of Fame – Cooperstown, NY
  • Extended endeavor: A build with Habitat for Humanity


The Aquarius loves seeing new places and meeting new people, but they also love returning to the same summer beach house year after year. The perfect getaway would include part relaxation, part action, and total innovation. Go with a friend or go alone, it’s all the same to this star sign. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: Cozy beach house in quaint Cape May, N.J.
  • Weekend getaway: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Extended endeavor: Volunteer work helping animals in Costa Rica


A water sign through and through, it makes sense that a beach vacation or a weekend by the lake is in the cards for the Pisces this summer. Ideally, this dreamy romantic will do both, as they love to travel. This star sign has no problem being alone, and prefers smaller crowds. Good options include:

  • Summer Vacation: Overwater Bungalow in Fiji
  • Weekend getaway: Cottage on the lake in Minocqua, Wisconsin
  • Extended endeavor: Exploring the Nazca Lines in Peru