Planning The Perfect Day For The Leo In Your Life

If you share your life with a Leo, you’ll need to know three important things before you plan the perfect day for them.

  • They love to be the center of attention.
  • They love to express their passion.
  • They love to have a good time.

Whether you’re planning the perfect day for your partner, your best friend, or your family member, keep these things in mind and you’re sure to create a day that makes this star sign feel as special as they are.

The Leo Loves The Experience

Those who are born under the Leo horoscope sign wear their title well. Both the king and queen of the jungle take pride in everything they do in life. They have a passion for the arts, they’re creative, and they’re pretty much up for anything that involves doing rather than being. For example:

You can take a Leo to see a movie, but they’d have a much better time at a live performance.

You can have a romantic dinner at home, but you had better serve something spicy and exciting.

You can watch the big game together on television, but this star sign would rather sit in the stadium listening to the roar of the crowd.

Do you get where we’re going with this? People with the Leo horoscope sign want to experience life to the fullest. If you want to plan a day that’s all about them, you might want to get a good eight hours of sleep the night before so you can keep up. But what better way to spend a day than to watch someone you care about enjoy every moment that you’ve planned for them?

First Thing In The Morning

If you’re planning the day for your partner who will be waking up at your side, start the day with breakfast in bed. This will feed into the Leo’s desire to be the center of attention. For the carnivore, skip the traditional bacon and eggs. Instead, serve up a ham and Swiss quiche. For the carb-lover, forget the bagels and make blueberry French toast. Don’t forget the vegan Leo who will go crazy for a mango avocado smoothie mixed up with love.


If you can’t do breakfast in bed, meet your Leo out at a great café. Spring for coffee and wild berry scones to start the day. Word to the wise: Stay away from the chains for this star sign. Choose a unique place that has seating in the front window so your date can see and be seen with each sip of latte they take.

An Afternoon of Fun

This is the time to take your friend or partner out for some good old-fashioned fun. Do they love sports? It seems like there’s always a ball game happening, no matter what time of year. Bowling is always a good option for the Leo as they can stand-alone and face down the pins. If they get a strike or pick up a spare? They’ll beam with pride as you lavish them with attention.


Another great option for your Leo friend is a wine tasting tour. Leo’s have refined tastes and most wineries will accommodate this. Doing something different and exciting, like a hot air balloon ride or a carriage ride in the park, will bring out the best in your day-date. Anything that’s over-the-top is sure to win their heart.

A Dinner to Die For

This is the time to pull out all the stops for anyone born under the Leo horoscope sign. A night out is what they look forward to all day. Leos love to dress up and show off. They enjoy being out with the crowds, strutting their stuff and showing off.


For dinner, choose an elegant restaurant that serves meals that are far from the casual fare. Choose a place that offers:

Appetizers like oysters Rockefeller or toasted Brioche rounds with caviar.

Main dishes like rack of lamb or Duck al’Orange

Desserts like coffee crème Brule or Baked Alaska.

These are dishes that Leos would love to try, and you can give them the opportunity to do so. They’ll likely remember, and appreciate it, until the end of time.

If you cook for a Leo at home, let your fingers do the walking and do an internet search to find incredibly elegant meals that are simple enough to make from home. This star sign will expect nothing less than the best–and they deserve it!

After Dinner Excitement

Remember that part about how much the Leo horoscope sign loves to dress up and be seen? This is the time to take them dancing where they can be adored by all. Leos love music and dancing; if they tell you they don’t know how to dance, they’re being modest. Once the music starts, you might just see a different side to this lion-of-the-pride. Especially if dinner included a few drinks.

If your “date” is your BFF or your pal, dancing is a great way for Leo to get the attention they love and do a little bit of flirting with others on the floor. If this is your partner or mate, it’s the best way to create a spark that will turn into flame by the end of the evening.


If you prefer to keep things a bit less active, take Leo to a concert. Pick any venue
where the music is lively; a small, intimate acoustic show will likely bore this star sign to sleep. Heading the see a live theatre show will excite a Leo, as they all have a flair for the dramatic.

Depending on your personal relationship with this Leo, the night will either end on a high note of appreciation as you part ways, or as you continue home together–where you’ll likely fall into bed exhausted after such a fun-filled day. But it will be so worth it!