2020: New Decade, New Astrological Era

For over 4,000 years, astrology has been a way for us to harness the power of both alchemy and magic, to observe and channel the power of the stars and the planets, and to make predictions about the future for all the zodiac signs. Never has this been more important than as we move into a new decade, especially after one as challenging as 2019, which means that 2020 offers a new beginning for all the zodiac signs.

The Power of 2020

Did you know that 2020 is more than just the beginning of a new decade? In the year 2020 we will see several rare conjunctions that mark the end of a 20-year cycle that has been going on since the beginning of the millennium, which means that in astrology, 2020 really is the beginning of a new era.

The planetary alignments and paradigm shifts in 2020 show that this new astrological era will be centered around focus and relationships, conscientiousness, practicality, and teamwork for all the zodiac signs. There will be an underlying sense of infinite potential, of overwhelming hope, and of the chance to rewrite history—signifying big changes ahead!

My Horoscope 2020


“Chase your dreams”

Aries, 2020 is the year that you will be able to truly realize your destiny. Whether you’re looking for love, to progress your career, or to achieve a goal, this is your year. The rare conjunction of Jupiter, the planet of luck, and Saturn, the hard master of the cosmos, means that you have the universe on your side. As you move through 2020, you will start to see all your hard work pay off, with a little bit of luck on your side to guide you through.


“Take back control”

For you, Taurus, 2020 will be the time for you to realize your own truths and finally feel like you’re able to take back control of your life. Uranus is your main planetary guide this year, with its penchant for synchronicity and discovery pushing you to look past those walls that you’ve built for yourself and find what’s real. With both travel and learning opportunities on the cards, 2020 looks set to be a journey of discovery, both internally and externally.


“Keep your eyes on the prize”

If you’re a Gemini, 2020 will be an especially interesting year with a lot going on. You’re off to a good start in the career and financial sector, with both Jupiter and Saturn on your side, as well as Pluto, the planet of change, bringing new and exciting opportunities onto your horizon. Still, with a lot of distractions, especially on the romantic and adventurous fronts, it’s important to set your intentions for 2020 and use the power of the planets to enable you to achieve your goals.


“Follow your heart”

2020, Cancer, is your year to really shine in all matters of the heart. With the return of Jupiter bringing you good fortune, as well as Saturn and Pluto falling into your relationship sector, and Mars holding down the fort in your professional sector, you’re free to pursue matters of a more romantic nature. This year, let the alignment of the stars help you to make space for what is most important in your life, and trust that the universe has your back.


“Channel your momentum”

Leo, 2020 is going to be a challenging yet incredibly rewarding year, especially in the career sector. Whilst you should keep one eye on your friends and family and not lose track of the importance of the little things—especially if times get tough—2020 is also about to bring some big changes, with the presence of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in your work sector making you feel like anything is possible, and giving you the follow-through to finally get the results you’ve always dreamed of.


“Harness your creativity”

If you’re a Virgo, 2020 will bring with it a renewed enthusiasm for creative projects and playfulness, with the Sun and the planets meeting in your romantic and creative sector, enabling you to look beyond and tap into your inner child. Although you’d never drop the ball on your professional responsibilities, 2020 will allow you to start looking at the bigger picture and channeling your creative soul into a new—and potentially lucrative—project.


“Your time is now”

For you, Libra, 2020 will be your time to shine. After so long in the making, it’s time to seize the day and take control of your destiny. With the power of the planets behind you, and the clarity to see through to what you really need and let go of that which no longer serves you, 2020 will be your year. From matters of the heart to your career, family, and life, in 2020, you will finally be able to achieve the balance you have been striving toward, enabling you to work on what’s most important to you.


“Luck is on your side”

Your 2020 is off to a great start, Scorpio, with Jupiter bringing you luck and good fortune, and Saturn bringing you the courage and motivation to push yourself onto bigger and better things. The meeting of both planets in your communication sector shows that this will affect every aspect of your life, bringing the perfect balance of opportunity and challenge to wherever you want to direct your energies this year, be it life, career, romance, family, friends, studying, travel, or anything else.


“Choose your path”

As we move into 2020, Sagittarius, you will start to feel like everything you have been working toward has finally come together. Still, with opportunities coming left, right, and center, it’s time for you to finally figure out what you want from life. In 2020, you’ll have Uranus in your work corner, Venus bringing love, Mars bringing adventure, and the triple threat of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto working together to help you establish and achieve your goals, with luck, hard work, and inspiration pushing you to strive for bigger and better things.


“Trust your instincts”

Capricorn, 2020 is the year that you will finally come into your own, provided you can learn to trust in your instincts and your decisions. Although you’re normally savvy about these matters, stubborn Sea Goat, 2020 is the year to follow your heart and have faith in your own abilities. The new decade offers the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and puts you in the spotlight, with both exciting and unexpected developments lying in store.


“Embrace your curious nature”

For you, Aquarius, 2020 is going to be a fascinating rollercoaster of a year, with your curious and fearless nature enabling you to take risks that the other horoscope signs would usually shy away from. With the stars aligning, and bringing Mars to fuel your lust for life to meet Venus, the planet of love, you can be sure that 2020 is going to be an adventure. Still, even if your head’s in the sky, try to keep your feet on the ground—it’s important to toe the line between passion and practicality.


“Find your balance”

As we move into 2020, Pisces, it’s important for you to figure out what you really want. This year, you will also have Mars and Venus in your corner, helping you to find a balance between your family and home life, and your professional life. Still, with the lines increasingly becoming blurred, it’s important to put your foot down to ensure that you also make some time for you in 2020, because, after all, life can’t be all work and no play.