What Exactly Is Mercury Retrograde And Should I Be Worried?

How many times have you heard, “Mercury is in retrograde” at the same time that things are going wrong left and right? Mercury retrograde is when a planet looks as if it is moving backward from our view down on earth. It is an optical illusion.

Many astrologers believe that this perceived backward motion can cause disruptions for technology and communication.

It happens a few times a year. Its orbit slows down and creates this illusion, during that time, communication seems to go completely awry. Today, we will go further in-depth to see how Mercury retrograde can instead work to our advantage.

Understanding Mercury

Astrologers say that Mercury is the planet that rules both expression and communication. Because of this, it is assumed that the retrograde motion is going to have a negative effect in the realm of astrology.

Some believe that Mercury retrograde can lead to disruptions like falling out with friends, more misunderstandings, travel and logic becoming disrupted, lost emails, delayed flights, and other misfortune that threatens to negatively impact us during retrograde.

Mercury is the planet that is closest to the sun and is a bit larger than the earth’s moon. Mercury is also considered one of the fastest planets in our solar system and can enter retrograde as many as three times or more per year. Retrograde can last for three-week timespans each time it happens.

The Science of Retrograde

Mercury isn’t actually reversing its orbit. Remember, it is just an illusion. However, that doesn’t mean people aren’t quick to blame Mercury Retrograde when they miss their flight, or something else goes awry. The illusion comes about because of the relative position of Mercury and Earth including the way in which they move around the sun.

Should I Be Worried?

Many people wonder if they should be at all worried about Mercury Retrograde. While the hysteria behind this phenomenon is definitely strong, there is little to no evidence that exists that gives us a reason we should be worrying about it.

Instead of seeing it as a negative time during the year, you should “reverse” your perspective and instead look at it as a time for recalibration; just like the recalibration of planetary speed follows natural law. It is something that is supposed to happen.

During Mercury Retrograde, we should take some time to slow down and pay attention to what is going on around us. Instead of looking at it as a time that is worrisome, consider it a time in your life that allows you to hit the pause button to reflect.

Using Mercury Retrograde to Your Advantage

There are several ways to use Mercury Retrograde to your advantage and make it more of a positive phenomenon in your everyday life.

Increase Intuition

During Mercury Retrograde, a person’s intuition becomes stronger, so we need to find a way to use it and work with it rather than work against it. During this time, let your body guide you and take action on any insights you may have during this time. Meditate and reconnect with yourself.

Emotional Comfort

One of the hardest things to learn is how to become comfortable with our emotions. Instead of being okay with them, we instead try to find ways to change them or fix them. During this time, find the strength within yourself and take the time to really feel your emotions. Doing so will help you find the support you need.

Fix the Problems

Instead of thinking that Mercury Retrograde is going to cause all these different problems when it happens, take the time to slow down and address those blind spots. Fix any problems you already have with your communication and way of thinking.

Don’t blame these problems on Mercury Retrograde. It is a good time to break out of a funk and avoid continuing any behaviors that may threaten to harm your individuality.

Move Backwards

As Mercury appears to move backward, you should do the same in your life. This means you should take some time to reflect on your life and review everything that has happened until this point. Get in touch with old friends, get nostalgic and look through old photo albums. Find some time for healing from past events.

A Cosmic Redo

Another way to look at it is as a big cosmic redo in your life. Was there a relationship, an idea, or a project you had that failed? Maybe this is the time to hit replay and shoot for a second chance at making it work. Mercury Retrograde has been known to mess up communication, but it can also bring old communication back to the surface

Using Mercury Retrograde to Your Advantage

Mercury Retrograde can be worrisome for many, but when you take this time to become mindful and calm, you will see that it is much easier to work WITH it than AGAINST it. It is okay to postpone certain things in life during Mercury Retrograde if you are really worried about. But if your intuition and your heart are telling you to move forward with your plans, then please. Go full steam ahead.

Only you have control over your life, and when you realize this, Mercury Retrograde won’t seem like such a worrisome and problematic time. No one wants to miss out on opportunities simply because they are waiting on Mercury.

Final Thoughts

With Mercury Retrograde, we have the chance to resume our forward motion. As the planets resume their forward motion, we follow suit with an enhanced awareness of life and the direction we are going.

It is our chance to get back on the right track and learn how to better communicate our truth. This will help improve communication in our lives as we learn to listen to others and listen to ourselves. There is no reason to be stuck in a negative loop as Mercury seemingly moves backward.