Is This The Year You’ll Find Love?

A new year always brings in new possibilities. Whether you are single and definitely ready to mingle, or you are in a loving relationship looking to keep going strong, knowing what fate has in store for love life gives that extra insight to steer us towards the right direction.

The year 2020 may be among the most fruitful and fortuitous years for love, as a lot of the signs can look forward to new possibilities, either to find or fan the flame.


Love in 2020 seems to be in the cards for Aries, particularly during the month of September — when you may feel intense attraction to someone in your office.

Married couples may experience a different kind of intensity, as you and your spouse may deal with new possibilities outside of your relationship that will impact your time together.


With the planet Uranus on your Sun, this could bring new possibilities that are untamed and wild. It may toss you into a new situation — and let you explore beyond your usual types — but given that change is up for this horoscope sign, then it might not hurt to try.

Try to keep up with the change in March, as this seems to be the time when Venus will be fully in Taurus.


This zodiac sign may not have the best love life in the cards, but the challenge may be seen as a chance for growth. Singles will need to gather their courage if they want to tell the one they like about their feelings.

However, note that this year, the fire sign seems to be roaring within. Even if you may find solace in the fire signs, it may also be fueling the feelings of confinement that just makes you want to break free.


This may be the year of healing in the love department of this star sign. Jupiter is in town and its optimism is going to move during the 11 months of love in 2020. It will be joined by Saturn in March, to mix in pleasure with self-care. From here, the horizon and potential for your love will be in the realm of intimacy and deeper connection. Hopefully, you will put yourself first and see where this takes you this year.


This is the year for serious thought and action for this zodiac sign. Single Leos will be on the look-out for long-term partners. Those in relationships will face challenges that look towards cultivating the partnership to its fullest potential. That
does not mean that your relationships and potential partners will be dull and boring. Neptune plays in your field and with it brings pleasure for your bedtime adventures.


If you have been trudging through potential relationships after another for the past few years, change may be in the air for you, Virgo star sign. Jupiter brings with it a new energy that will revitalize your pleasure and love angles. Add Mars’ blaze for the latter half of the year, and this may just be the best time to get into a relationship for a change.

Throughout the year, be watchful of potential flings and serious relationships—your career may be filling your mind most of the time, but this may be the best year to take a break and see where the path of romance will take you.


Are you ready to get serious about love in 2020? The stars may also be telling you the same, as Venus-Mars phenomena may be steering your heart towards a potential serious prospect. Even with Venus’s playful and flirty nature and Mars’s passion over reason approach, a bond found and formed during this time may be lasting.

The first half of the year will be a slow warm-up as you find your groove, but be ready to get swept by a wave of energy starting September. Watch out for past flames, as their comeback might signal better days than where you last left of the romance. Let your sensuality and passion burn through with energy towards the colder month s ahead.


This may be the only year when business can be mixed with pleasure. Those under the star sign of Scorpio may find that passion can burn both ways: creatively and romantically. Singles who are looking for love can still look for them in their career environment. Get creative with like-minded people and who knows, it might bloom into an exciting romance.

For Scorpios, love in 2020 is all about doing what you want to attain your passion. This can entail change for the better, but this is how you will grow into love.


Love moves and will move through you — this seems to be the motto for the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Mars is moving in your house of love from the middle of the year until next year. This increases your chances of finding love and building relationships with friends.

There may be some challenges as a Mars retrograde happens for two months starting September. However, this test of relationship can let you feel at ease once you get through it all in one piece — it’s definitely one that’s a keeper.


After all the ups and downs that you have been through a deeper kind of love in 2020 may be in your agenda this time. You’ve learned how to care for the ones you love to the point of it feeling like a burden than a relationship. Now that you know what self-care truly means, you also understand what it takes to really make a relationship work.

Both singles and partnered Capricorns have sailed the high seas and are now ready to go for a deeper, stronger bond.


Your love in 2020 may be somewhere beyond the horizon — so hop on a plane and seek it! Set a trip abroad this year, and see where this can take you. It can be a passion for romance or a reemergence of an old passion that you have simmered or forced down for more practical things.

Singles may be looking at a potential happy ever after, while those who already found theirs may grow with the idea of rediscovering a new angle to your relationship.


There has never been a more exciting year for Pisces as 2020. Singles may want to believe in the idea of being swept off your feet, as this might just happen when you least expect it. Of course, you may need to work to deepen this relationship, but take solace in the rewarding fruit of real love.