2021 Yearly Horoscope For Your Zodiac Sign

2020 has been one for the record books. For many, it was one of the most challenging years yet, and looking forward to 2021 is a good way to put the hardships of 2020 behind us. 2021 has something different in store for each of the star signs, and here’s what your sign can expect to experience in the upcoming year:


If you are an Aries looking for love, 2021 might just be your year. A friendship could turn into something deeper as you inject your passions into your relationships across the board. Coming out of 2020, Aries will surround themselves with positive, confident, and progressive people, sharing ideas and bringing out new hopes for the future. While 2020 may have been more isolated than you were comfortable with, 2021 can be considered the year you rekindle old friendships and make new ones.


2020 was a year of great change, and 2021 will be the year Taurus sticks with these changes and makes real positive moves. Those who are unsatisfied with their professions will venture out and seek new paths. Meanwhile, those who have dedicated themselves to living a healthier and happier life will cement these changes into a new lifestyle. 2021 can be considered a year of change and opportunity for the Taurus.


Gemini star signs will be feeling more ambitious than ever before in 2021. Your goals seem closer than ever before, and you are willing and motivated to do whatever you may need to do to reach them. After a distinctly asocial 2020, 2021 will not just focus on professional progress but social progress as well. Geminis can expect to make new friends, enjoy novel experiences, and have a new lease on life throughout the year.


Cancer star signs may have found motivation to be a real challenge in 2020, but that changes in 2021. At times, you will be afraid or apprehensive to forge ahead, feeling “rusty” after all that 2020 had in store. However, you will push through the apprehension and reap the rewards. This new inspiration and lease on life will have your generosity flowing as you want to share these good feelings with everyone you love.


2021 is a rebirth year for the Leo horoscope sign. You will feel more open to adopting new points of view and new angles from which you will view life. Sometimes, those new ideas will manifest into radical positive changes. You might have a change in relationship, a change in career, or a change in general outlook that leaves you in a more positive place than you were the same time this year. You can expect some roadblocks to hold you back, but the Leo has just the power and the confidence to push through them.


Virgo has been in something of a transformative period for some time now, and this is expected to continue throughout 2021. Cautiousness and shyness will go out of the door as you embark on life in a more confident and bold fashion. Your newfound take on ambition will work out in your favor, particularly with Virgo’s key talents for planning and precision.


2020 has placed the social, affable, and elegant star sign of Libra into something of a box that this air sign simply is not comfortable being confined to. 2021 is when Libra gets back to Libra: doing what they want to do and spreading their wings with a boosted sense of morale. Individual freedom has been greatly missed by Libra, and they will be pleased to welcome it back throughout the year 2021.


2021 is likely going to be a fickle year for the Scorpio. You will want to make changes, but you will feel unsure about just how those changes are going to pan out. That leaves the Scorpio in a position where they feel unsettled and unsure. Scorpio star signs might feel tempted to enter a new relationship, pursue a career change, or start anew in a new location, but their apprehension will hold them back from giving it their all. To defeat this, Scorpio horoscope signs should remember their passion and confidence as Scorpios.


Sagittarius can expect a bright year in 2021. Love will be abundant, professional opportunities will be numerous, and Sagittarius will take advantage of them. However, with Sagittarius’ naturally adventurous nature, it can be easy to get carried away. While you are doing better than ever and knocking down every roadblock that gets in your way, remember to breathe and enjoy the successes you are working so hard for.


For Capricorn, 2020 was all about putting the right pieces into place, and 2021 is when you will see those moves start to pay off. You will feel ambitious, and your successes will give you more courage to continue making such big moves going forward. 2021 can be viewed as a transformative period for Capricorn as they grow and develop into more confident and savvy individuals.


2021 is a positive year for the Aquarius. They will feel more positive and upbeat than they did all throughout 2020. You will find opportunity to progress in your life and career, and you will grab those opportunities as they arise. While positive, 2021 is not without challenges for Aquarius, and those can be disorienting at times. It is perfectly acceptable to get disoriented, but Aquarius should never be discouraged to get back in gear and keep pushing forward.


The early part of 2020 was focused on putting certain pieces together for new progress, which was then halted as 2020 moved forward. 2021 picks up where 2020 left off, allowing the Pisces to get back to what is important and that plan of personal progression they started early in the year before. Pisces may feel stuck at times, but support from those around you will help you push forward during those difficult periods. You will use your creativity, inspiration, and skills to make 2021 the year of rebirth that you intended 2020 to be.