The 12 Houses Of The Zodiac And What They Mean

There are 12 star signs and also 12 houses of the zodiac. While many simply focus on their sun sign or their “main” horoscope sign, this only shows one small piece of the picture when it comes to astrology as a whole. In your natal chart, you will see that planets and signs will have fallen into positions on the houses wheel. That is why a particular sun sign that is in the second house compared to a sign that is in the sixth house could mean two very different things.

The houses of the zodiac align with the Earth’s 24-hour rotation around its axis or its positions throughout a single day. One can view the houses of the zodiac like a clock, except this clock begins in the 9 o’clock position with the first house. This beginning location is chosen because it mimics the sun’s rising in the east, and the sign that is rising in this position is considered your rising sign. Your rising sign is the sign that is in the first position at the time of your birth.

The houses of the zodiac have varying meanings. Read on to find out what they are.


The first house is also called the House of the Ascendant Mask. This house is your “first impression” house, or the house that shows how others perceive you. You will find that your first house is representative of your look, your aura, and your general temperament as you go about your daily life.


Your second house, or House of Resources, represents your personal resource. That includes money, possessions, and the aspects of your life that make you feel comfortable and supported. Not only material, your resources may also include your self-confidence, your natural skills, and your personal abilities.


The third house is known as the House of Open Perception, and it represents how we communicate with the world around us. When planets go through the third house, we may find communication opened, hindered, or somewhere in between. This communication refers to not just verbal communication but how we interact with people and things as well.


The House of Nadir, or the Fourth House, represents your home or your foundation for life. What is in the fourth house is what makes you feel comfortable and secure in a relaxed environment. You might find answers in the fourth house regarding how you like to keep your physical home and why you are comfortable with your choices.


The fifth house is known as the House of Joy and Bliss. It represents what brings you joy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Thinking back to when you were a child, when you would experience the purest form of joy, you might find some parallels to what is in this house and what manifests in your fondest memories.


The House of Legacy, Health, Lineage, and Service is the sixth house, and it shows how you present yourself physically in the world around you. It may encompass how you benefit the world using your gifts, how you approach your own wellness, and how you are helpful to the world in your own unique way. Those who take a disciplined approach to health and wellness may find that their natal chart shows many planets or transits in this particular sixth house.


The seventh house is the House of The Descendant, Relationships, and Other People. It takes a look at how you treat and experience your personal relationships. The seventh house helps us understand how our habits, our dependencies, and our actions influence the platonic and romantic relationships we keep throughout life.


The eighth house is the House of Transformation and Death, which may sound a bit darker than it actually is. Death does not have to mean a literal death, but a death of one part of our lives in preparation for the rebirth of a new one. Those who have planets in this house may find themselves particularly attracted to mysticism, merged energies, and the unknown.


The House of Paradigms is the ninth house of the zodiac, and it represents everything that has to do with your own personal evolution. The House of Paradigms is a house of journey, and this could be taken as a literal journey or a metaphorical journey through new destinations in your life. Those with planets in this house may find that they are more drawn to adventure, new experiences, and change.


The tenth house is the House of Midheaven, which tells you about your career path, your destiny, and your ideal purpose. This house sits right at the top of the chart, and the traits it represents might be some of the first traits others notice about you when they first meet you. If you are looking for answers regarding your ideal career path, you may need to look into your tenth house for that much-needed clarity.


The House of Friends and Future sits in the eleventh house position, and it represents your friendships and connections with others. This could be your close personal friendships or your ability to network with professional colleagues. Not only representing the present, the eleventh house also looks into the future of your connections and what you may expect out of them as they progress.


The House of Spiritual Liberation is your twelfth house. This is the house where your deepest self sees the light and where you embrace your creativity, your subconscious mind, your secrets, and your mysteries. Much like the eighth house, those with planets in this house may find themselves naturally drawn to the unknown or the mysteries of the world. This house comes just before the “light” in its position, giving it an aura of darkness and mystery in and of itself. Those with particularly active imaginations may find themselves naturally drawn to their twelfth house.