How Does Your Sign Kick Back And Relax?

It’s hard to be productive when you are on edge and with frayed nerves. What makes each zodiac sign tick and feel relaxed differs, so it’s good to know what might work best for you given your sign.

Remember, de-stressing should not just be a guilty pleasure. It has to be a regular self-care practice that lets you unwind and reconnect with yourself. You can be even more productive when you are grounded with the right mindset and outlook. Check out some of these de-stressing methods that suit the star sign in you.


Because Aries is all about connecting and socializing, a lazy afternoon stay-in may be the farthest relaxation technique they can have. Just because they are out with people does not mean they are not enjoying quality time with their thoughts and emotions. Some people need to reconnect with others, which is a way for them to reconnect within.

For the Aries, exploring new places, trying out new experiences, and enjoying night-outs with friends is right up Aries’s alley. Their way of unwinding is seeking engagement with the people they care about, so they are ready to take on new challenges that come their way.


Seeking a challenge and more stimulation does not seem to be a good idea for relaxation. However, the Taurus is already usually grounded in life. Finding new stimulation is a way to mix it up and make them feel good.

Challenges do not have to be great puzzles or groundbreaking discoveries. Finding a good hobby to do or a new cerebral routine before bedtime—Sudoku or games, anyone?—can stimulate them and renew their perspectives. This refreshed perspective can even give them a boost in their daily life.


As an air sign, it is likely that you would be using your mind a lot, whether it is in work or in your relationships. Thus, it is necessary that you balance this out by unwinding using a physical approach to unwinding.

Ground yourself with a physical regimen that uses your senses and your body. Get into dancing, martial arts, or other workouts that make you sweat and increase your heart rate. By releasing some physical energy, you can balance out the all-head day with an all-sweat stress reliever.


As the nurturer of the star signs, Cancer can easily stretch themselves thin by caring for everyone else apart from themselves. A good zodiac relaxation is hydrotherapy, which allows Cancer to go back to their own element.

Incorporate a lot of H2O into your self-care, whether it is through plain drinking water or through treatments such as underwater massages and tub soaks. Spas can also do great work, especially those that offer healing effects and therapeutic relaxation.


When the going gets tough, then it’s time to let down your mane! The lion knows that it is the king (or queen) of the jungle, and its hair is proof of just how great it is. Even the simplest self-care, such as getting a haircut or a nice hair treatment can make you feel 100% after a harsh week.

Try out a new treatment, and then settle down for a nice downtime come night time. Grooming is not just about looking the best—it’s also about feeling the best. And Leos can enjoy this to the max.


Since you aim for perfection most of the time, enjoying a routine-directed activity
may take your mind off overdrive mode. Activities like meditation and gardening are very routine-driven, you do not need a lot of thinking to go through it.

Making this into a group activity can also help. Virgos can spend quality time with their friends and get back to their roots through social connections.


Harmony can come at the cost of one’s sanity, especially if it’s something you keep striving for. Trying to take control of everything can be tiring, so a good way to de-stress is to step back and try to find your own balance. Libras can get rid of their stress levels by trying to look within, instead of outside. Look at the big picture including yourself, so you can find harmony in letting go of control.

Have a glass of wine and enjoy a personal night out. Rejuvenate yourself by taking a step back from the environment that you so carefully harmonize and recalibrate your own well-being so you can get back to your normal routine after.


Reflecting its animal spirit, the Scorpio is perhaps the one sign that truly embraces the dangers of life. They are unafraid to face the negative and resound their feelings back to it. However, the unique thing about Scorpios is that they process the negative and incorporate the lesson into their lives.

Some people know how to handle the negative in life by processing it and seeing the beauty in the negative. Face the negative, learn from it, and take it in stride as you move forward. This zodiac relaxation technique will work perfectly for the Scorpio.

As a fire sign, Sagittarius is headstrong and fierce, two aspects that best shine bright when this zodiac sign is at its tip-top shape. When stressed, the Sagitarrius’s fire can get dim, which means you need to unwind and rekindle the flames of your well-being. Meditation helps realign yourself. Spices like ginger and cinnamon can awaken your senses.


Some people may define unwinding as pure relaxation, with no work attached. For Capricorns, work can be a form of relaxation. Because of this star sign’s need for structure and order, creating order in the chaos can make them feel less stressed.

Writing out lists and organizing things around the house can make them feel more in control. Putting order in small things can give a sense of control without overwhelming them with real work.


When you are the natural rebel, going against the flow is already second nature. However, even when you end to march to your own tune, this can be stressful, especially when others do not see the value in what you treasure.

Surround yourself with social support who understands your quirkiness and unique point of view. Sometimes, feeling their support and care is already enough of a zodiac relaxation technique to get you back to your normal routine.


Since Pisces rules the feet, treat yourself to proper foot wellness and therapy every so often. As a water sign, it’s easy to get lost in the rapid flow of waters, and having a therapeutic experience for something that grounds you can be a recalibrating experience. Don’t forget to hydrate and treat yourself to the simple joys of a manicure or a foot spa.

Each sign cultivates a specific element that lets them shine. Try out these zodiac relaxation techniques and see how the unique self-care technique can soothe your troubles away.