How Each Sign Can Make The Most Of Social Distancing


Humans are social creatures. Even the most introverted of us require some human interaction, companionship, or connection in order to feel our best physically and emotionally. During these times of social distancing, finding that human connection is proving difficult for many. Our ways of life have changed in the blink of an eye, and adjusting to this change puts us in a tough spot.

Looking at your star sign, however, can lead you in a direction toward feeling better. How to make the most of your social distancing time could be determined by looking at your horoscope sign and how your true self feels its best. Each star sign can make the most of their social distancing by doing the following


It’s no coincidence that Aries stands at the first position of the zodiac. There is nothing that Aries loves more than being number one, and this is proven by their undying ambition. The natural desire of an Aries is to dive headfirst into any new situation and to have that situation mastered before they’re ready to leave. In terms of social distancing, Aries might find their true joy in picking up a challenging new hobby, something that makes them really feel as though they’ve achieved something great. Crocheting, painting, cooking, woodworking, and chess are all excellent picks.


The Taurus really gets pleasure from taking in all the pleasures of life. Serene environments, rich flavors, and soothing sounds are all very appealing to the Taurus personality. When social distancing gets tough, setting up a home spa might be just the comfort that the Taurus is looking for. Take a bath, use a face mask, put on a bit of relaxing music, and feel those stresses melt away.


The Gemini personality is a busy personality. Interested in everything and anything, the average Gemini is usually juggling a number of pursuits all at once. During social distancing when there’s little to do, this can make for a stressful situation for the Gemini. Like the Aries, the Gemini might want to take on a new hobby or pursuit or tackle a new project they can work on at home. They’ll find that when they occupy their time, inner peace comes next.


Cancers have a knack for flowing freely between emotional and material spaces. They’re the natural empaths of the star signs, and they pick up every emotion in the room without so much as trying. This can be really difficult for Cancer when feelings of stress are running high and they’re stuck at home with a stressed-out partner or family. For the Cancer, it’s important to take time away for themselves each day and to use this time to release emotional energy to bring themselves back to balance.


The Leo takes great pleasure in pride, and in these times of social distancing, it can be hard to show off and bask in the attention of friends and loved ones. That’s not to say you can’t get the appreciation you need, however. For the Leo, self-care is crucial during times of social distancing as you get the adoration from yourself that you’re unable to get from those you love at this time.


Virgos are practical people by nature, and with social distancing limiting their ability to use their practical skills, Virgo star signs might be feeling out of place. Nowadays, many outlets offer reduced-cost classes in all types of subjects, hobbies, and studies, and this might be just the perfect outlet for Virgo’s practicality. A virtual class gives Virgo a practical outlet to hone their skills for the present and the future.


The scales of this star sign thrive in balance. With so much change and imbalance in a socially distant world, Libra can be left feeling a great deal out of sorts. While Libra cannot control the world around them, they can control the world they’re in. Also passionate about style, beauty, and aesthetics, the Libra can take on a redecorating project that involves moving furniture around and turning their space into one that feels more balanced and visually pleasing. Have a home project you’ve been putting off? Now is the time for the star sign of Libra to shine.


Scorpio is often confused as a fire sign when it is actually a water sign. This is largely due to the Scorpio star sign’s natural passion for life, relationships, and the world around them. Having an outlet for this passion is important for the Scorpio. If Scorpio is feeling out of place or off-balance, they should find a new passion during social distancing that they can focus this energy toward.


Adventure is crucial to the Sagittarius. With travel on hiatus and most outdoor activities banned, Sagittarius is likely feeling cooped up. Finding a safe and isolated hiking trail outdoors where you’re unlikely to see others can be the perfect outlet for this energy. Sagittarius will return home feeling at peace from the inside out.


Capricorn shines at navigating the physical and emotional realms, and with emotions running high today, it might just be the Capricorn guiding loved ones through social distancing. This is satisfying for the star sign Capricorn, and they might find their most satisfying activity is participating in virtual calls and meetings with friends and family as they all navigate social distancing together.


The most humanitarian of the star signs, Aquarius is a true free spirit. For Aquarius to make the most of their social distancing experience, they simply need to reach into their innate creativity and do what makes their soul feel happy. This could be painting one day, going on a hike another day, and making a video call with loved ones the day after that.


The Pisces star sign is in a constant state of contradiction between the worlds of fantasy and reality. During this social distancing period, Pisces might find it valuable to balance these worlds in a more concrete way. Writing, painting, drawing, and telling stories touch the Pisces in a deeper way and provide true satisfaction on a deeper level.