A lot of people simply don’t know how to respond to a crisis until one is placed on their lap. When we’re stressed or put on the spot, it’s our natural reactions that shine through before logic begins to settle in. These natural reactions are often guided by the stars, and you can find your methods for responding to crisis through your star sign. Read on to find out how the various star signs respond to crisis.


Aries doesn’t have a problem with addressing a crisis on their own, but they do take major issue with the feeling of being boxed in. During this current crisis, it’s less the isolation that would bother the Aries and more the feeling of claustrophobia that comes along with it. When Aries responds to crisis, this star sign is one that will take note of their space, and they may need to leave the situation momentarily to come back and address the issue with a clear head.


The Taurus likes to feel safe and secure, so when a crisis strikes, they may begin taking stock of their own security. They may be the ones buying up more than they need at the grocery store, and they may be the ones clutching their belongings, but this is only at first. Once Taurus addresses the issue and settles down, they’re happy to help and provide security to others.


The Gemini wants to get to the bottom of everything. This star sign is a researcher, a learner, and a gatherer of information. During a crisis, the Gemini’s first instinct is to learn everything they can about it and to share the information they gather in the hopes of helping others.


Star signs of Cancer are natural-born nurturers. They’re happiest taking care of
everyone else during times of crisis, finding that providing care makes them feel better as well. The one worry the star sign of Cancer does have, however, is exhausting themselves and forgetting the importance of self-care during this time.


While the Leo might initially respond to a crisis in a dramatic way, the natural leadership qualities of this star sign soon take over. The only issue is when other parties don’t respond to Leo’s leadership as the Leo believes they should. This can lead to conflict among parties, which can be quelled quickly if Leo is able to keep calm.


There are few better to have in a crisis than the star sign Virgo. Naturally practical, the Virgo is always ready to respond with logic and a grounded frame of mind. This star sign will take quick action to assess the crisis as a whole and then put into play a plan that everyone involved will be able to follow.


The Libra thrives in balance, and when things get thrown off balance, the Libra sometimes has a tendency to panic. After this initial panic wears off, however, the star sign approaches moments of crisis with grace, intelligence, and their natural ability to connect with those around them. When going through a crisis with a Libra, allow them to have their panic moment and know that it will pass to reveal their true crisis response later on.


The most passionate of the water signs, the star sign Scorpio might have a visceral emotional reaction to a crisis at first. This could be steeped in paranoia or suspicion, but a cooler head will soon prevail. In the crisis like the one we’re in now, Scorpio simply needs to seek out the advice and recommendations of professionals to help keep their frame of mind cool and logical.


The Sagittarius star sign is often about the bigger picture, and they may take unconventional paths during a crisis knowing that they lead to the bigger picture image they’re after. When combined with the passionate leadership of a Leo, this difference in “path” opinions can lead to conflict due to differences in strong opinion.


Star signs of Capricorn are natural navigators of both the physical and the emotional realm. They excel in making sure that physical solutions are found during times of crisis and taking care of the emotional needs of those around them. When coming up with a crisis solution for a group, there are few more valuable star signs to have on your side than the Capricorn.


Free-spirited and coolly logical, the Aquarius deals with crisis using a level head and unparalleled poise. This is one of the most creative star signs, so you may see creative solutions coming from the Aquarius mind.


Pisces is an empathetic sign and a positive sign at the same time. They’re the ones you’ll want to have on your side to not only get in touch with emotions but also help the entire group to keep a cool head and a positive mindset. If you’re looking for a morale boost, it’s the Pisces you want to look toward.

During times of crisis, each star sign has its own strengths to offer themselves and others. With this in mind, you can respond more positively by yourself or as part of a group during any crisis that might be thrown your way in life. For example, the Leo will want to lead, the Pisces will want to promote positivity, the Aquarius will come up with creative solutions, and the Sagittarius will be looking at the bigger picture. By combining these strengths, a group of individuals can
overcome more than they ever thought possible.

Keeping in mind your star sign tendencies during times of crisis can also help individuals to take an outside look at how they themselves respond during times like these. This can help you to make sense of your own thought processes, and to really reach in and embrace these strengths you naturally possess. Our star signs reach us on a deeper level, and they often impact how we react and approach so many facets of our everyday lives.

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