Star Signs And Love Language

Love languages are important. They help us to best love others, and they also help us feel loved ourselves. Everyone has their own way of feeling and Expressing love, and getting to know a person’s love language is a sure way to better understand them as an individual. While love languages vary from one person to another, there are definite patterns that can be found within the star signs.

Before delving into the love languages of star signs, it pays to get to know each of the love languages. There are 5 recognized love languages, and they are words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, receiving and giving gifts, and physical touch. Some individuals will feel love using one language and express love using another, while some will keep the same love language all around. Others may find that they identify with various love languages at different times and in different situations.

Here are the love languages of the star signs:


The Aries star sign identifies most often with quality time and words of affirmation. This fiercely independent star sign feels the most love when they receive words of praise and when those they love spend quality time with them. Surprising the Aries with small compliments and surprise coffee dates is sure to win their hearts. When it comes to giving love, the Aries will often express it in those same ways. If you receive a compliment or an invitation to a coffee date from an Aries, you should feel quite special.


Gifts and physical touch are particularly important to the Taurus. Taurus can be materialistic, and they’re very in touch with their sensual selves. These love languages deeply reach the Taurus and touch them in a way they can connect with. When showing love, Taurus may use physical touch in small and simple ways like a hug, a strong handshake, or simply being close to those they care about.


The Gemini star sign is fun-loving and friendly, but they do have a tendency to look for greener pastures when they feel unsatisfied with the interactions they’re having. For this reason, acts of service and words of affirmation really appeal to the Gemini. Both present the Gemini with an authentic display of love as they also pique the Gemini’s interest in positive and intelligent conversation.


Quality time and words of affirmation reach this star sign, unlike any other love language. The Cancer can be clingy — they want to nurture and be nurtured in
return. Quality time and words of affirmation provide the Cancer star sign with the satisfaction they need to feel that their loved ones care about them in a way they can fully understand and appreciate. Quality time shows the Cancer that you’re willing to nurture them as well.


While loud and proud, the Leo is also generous and warmhearted. Acts of service and gift-giving are acts of love that the Leo can truly connect with because they concretely show how much their loved ones care about and value them. Mirroring what the Leo will naturally do to show their love, you shouldn’t be surprised if the Leo quickly returns the favor.


Quality time and acts of service really speak to the practical nature of the star sign Virgo. The Virgo will often put a lot on their plates, and they’ll juggle quite a bit to accomplish it all. Helping them out with some quality time spent doing acts of service for them will be forever appreciated and remembered.


Even though the Libra is an independent, free spirit, they love spending time with those they love. This star sign responds best to acts of service and words of affirmation because they prefer knowing that they’re loved and that their loved ones are willing to work to show it. For those with gift-giving love languages, the Libra will be hard-pressed to ever turn down a gift, even if it’s not one of their primary love languages.


Acts of service and physical touch connect well with the passionate nature of the Scorpio star sign. Their primary love language is physical touch, but acts of service comes in at a close second. These concrete displays of love that the Scorpio can really feel will leave them feeling satisfied and adored by those who love them. In terms of quality time, Scorpio also appreciates this way of showing love as long as the priority is placed on quality.


Physical touch and gift-giving are both very important to the Sagittarius. These adventurers are ready to bring their loved ones gifts from all of their adventures, and they love receiving them as well. Physical touch in particular is vital to this sign, and those of the Sagittarius star sign who are are denied physical touch may find themselves growing increasingly frustrated in their relationships.


The goal-oriented Capricorn loves anything that helps them reach their goals. For this reason, this star sign most often connects with quality time and acts of service. Lending your time and a helping hand to the Capricorn is one of the most valuable ways you can show them love, and if they lend a hand to you, you can rest assured you’re loved by the Capricorn as well.


Creative, kind, and empathetic acts of service really speak to the Aquarius. Giving an Aquarius their freedom and showing your love for them in concrete way really connects with the Aquarius on a deeper level. Words of affirmation speak to the Aquarius just as strongly as it is a star sign that loves to express.


Sensitive and kindhearted, the Pisces tend to have quality time and acts of service as their primary love languages. These classic romantics enjoy spending time with those they love, and they know just how valuable time spent is. Through acts of service, the Pisces communicate their love to others and show their dedication to their loved ones.