What Does Your Sign Add To Your Friend Group?

Many people look at their horoscope sign to find their ideal romantic partner. After all, no one wants to be with someone whose relationship traits are at the opposite end of the zodiac spectrum. How often, though, do you look at horoscope dates when it comes to choosing your circle of friends?

Every horoscope sign has a different quality that draws people to them. Some are funny, some are loyal to a fault, and some are problem solvers. How does your horoscope sign contribute to a friendship? Read on to discover the traits that make people want to be around you—and stay.


Yes, you speak your mind whenever you can, but you also encourage your friends to speak theirs. Your energy levels are super-high, which makes you the perfect friend to “get things done.” Being so loyal, you’re the first person to show up when your friends need you. From helping your BFF move out of her loser boyfriend’s apartment, to planning the perfect baby shower for your sister, you’re there.

Horoscope compatibility: Leo & Sagittarius


You’re stubborn, that’s true. But you’re stubborn for a reason. If you’re pushing a friend in a different direction, it’s because she’s in a situation that’s not good for her. Your friends are important to you, and you want what’s best for all of them. You’re dependable, generous, and funny to a fault. People can’t help but smile when you’re around, and that’s what makes life with you more pleasant.

Horoscope compatibility: Virgo & Capricorn


You know everything about everyone because you love to chat it up with each person you meet. Your friends know that you’re the one to go to when something is happening. You have the ability to adapt to every situation and make connections around the zodiac. Since you love to have a good time, you’re up for anything that comes along. A friend who needs a partner in an outrageous adventure knows to call you first because you’ll be there with bells on.

Horoscope compatibility: Libra & Aquarius


This horoscope sign is sensitive and shy, feeling things a bit deeper than others. You have an innate nature that’s protective of your friends, and they know you have their backs. You’re the mother hen of your circle, and everyone knows that they can come to you without facing judgment. You accept and love everyone no matter what. They confide in you with the utmost certainty that all secrets, regardless of size, will be kept.

Horoscope compatibility: Scorpio & Pisces


Much like the animal that represents your horoscope sign, you’re bold and powerful. Yes, you do like to feel important, but you really just want to have a good time. You love to show people your strengths, but you also love to support your friends and encourage them to be stronger. You’re the champion of telling someone “You got this!” and you have a way of making them believe that they actually can.

Horoscope compatibility: Aries & Sagittarius


It’s amazing how many horoscope signs you get along with due to your practicality. You are reliable to a fault and will show up as planned, on time, every time. You appreciate sticking to a routine, but if your friend needs an unexpected ride at 2 AM, you’re grabbing your keys. Your friends know that they can count on you, and that’s what makes them appreciate you so much.

Horoscope compatibility: Capricorn & Scorpio


Everyone loves a Libra. Seriously — your social skills are amazing. You are agreeable to everything and you’re a people-pleaser, which makes you fun to be around. You have a gift for communicating with anyone and everyone, even if you don’t necessarily like them. Your ability to speak the truth without hurting anyone’s feelings is an admirable trait in today’s world.

Horoscope compatibility: Gemini & Aquarius


Your friends appreciate your honesty and trustworthiness. Many see this zodiac
sign as intense and mysterious. You may be these, but you don’t mind going with the flow. You’ll go to a 5-star restaurant if your pal wants to dine out, or you’ll be happy with take-out if she wants to dine in. You appreciate and cultivate your friendships, so as long as you’re together, you’re happy. Your friendships run deep, and you don’t settle for shallow.

Horoscope compatibility: Taurus & Pisces


You are the most adventurous zodiac sign, and your friends know this. You’ll go anywhere around the world for an adventure, and if they need a travel partner, you’re packing your carry-on. You’re fun to be with, and your many adventures have given you many stories to tell (and you love telling them). But the best part about you is that you take the time to check-in and ask your friends about themselves — and you take time to listen.

Horoscope compatibility: Aries & Leo


It can take you a while to come out of your shell while in a group, but you excel at being-one-on-one with multiple star signs. You like the individual experience better than hanging with the whole gang. Some people see you as being bossy, but you’re really just protective of those you love. You’re practical but steadfast, which is something that your friends admire about you, and they find you inspiring to be around.

Horoscope compatibility: Taurus & Virgo


A humanitarian through and through, you see everyone as equals on this planet, which means you don’t discriminate in the friend department. You see the world in a different light, and this makes you a good friend for getting a different perspective on important issues. You’re supportive of all your friends and they know that you’ll cheer them on no matter what they choose to do in life.

Horoscope compatibility: Gemini & Libra


Sensitive and emotionally driven, your compassion is what your friends love the most about you. You’ll cry with them, laugh with them, and dream with them. You’ll discuss matters of the heart for hours with anyone, though you aren’t exactly the practical advice giver. But just being a listening ear when life gets crazy is what draws people to you.

Horoscope compatibility: Cancer & Scorpio