Zodiac Matches for Love and Friendship

Have you ever noticed how you simply just hit it off with some people, and with others you find yourself struggling to get along for little to no reason at all? Sometimes two personalities will just clash, and the points of our personalities have a lot to do with that. Your star sign or horoscope sign shows a great deal about who you are on a deeper level, which may point to who you’re most likely to get along successfully with, and who you may not.

There are also those difficult relationships, or the “frenemy” you find yourself either white-hot or ice-cold with. Star signs can explain quite a bit about these relationships as well, as they show what complementing pieces of personality really work, and what clashing parts are likely to cause some conflicting not.

Focusing on your matches for love and friendship is a great way to determine if a new friendship or relationship is likely to be one of the more successful ones right off the bat. These star sign matches show just how compatible we are when referring to the deepest parts of ourselves.

The star signs you’re likely to be most compatible with in love and friendship are:


Aries will find that they’re most compatible with Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, and
Gemini. In truth, Aries is a highly lovable star sign, and they’re one that will find themselves compatible with many signs in the zodiac. The only sign that really clashes with Aries is another Aries, as they will tend to argue with determination in regard to who is right about any given situation.


Virgo and Pisces are the most compatible matches for the determined Taurus.
With Virgo and Pisces, each sign is also determined, but in their own way different from the Taurus. In friendships or relationships, this means each partner can be supportive of the other while they live out their need to make it to the finish line.


Aquarius and Libra are the best matches for Gemini. Gemini’s have the level of
affection that Aquarius and Libra really need to feel satisfied, while these signs can give Gemini the attention they at times crave. The Gemini also works quite well with another Gemini, as they can both really understand each other in ways other star signs cannot.


For Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces tend to be excellent matches. Cancers can have
a tendency to get jealous, needing a certain level of attention to remain happy. Scorpio’s attention to detail will leave Cancer feeling special, while Pisces knows just how to romance a Cancer in the way they crave.


Leos tend to be one of the more demanding signs when it comes to love and
affection, which makes them a great fit with signs that can take these demands in stride. The best matches for Leo tend to be Libras, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aries, who can give them what they need in a graceful and refined way.


As an earth sign, Virgo often works best with other earth signs like Taurus and
Capricorn. These signs all share the same necessary practical approach to life, which lessens the frustrations they may feel with air or water star signs. While this may not sound passionate or exciting to other signs, nothing excites a Virgo than good old-fashioned practicality.


Leo and Sagittarius are excellent sign fit for Libra, however, Libras tend to get along well with most signs due to their harmonious and balanced nature. For Leo in particular, Libra’s balanced nature can offset Leo’s need for attention and affection, while both parties share a deep love for the finer things in life.


Scorpios tend to work best with other Scorpios or Pisces. Scorpio to Scorpio relationships feeds off of each other’s similarities, while Scorpio and Pisces have a sort of opposites attract appeal.


Leo, Aquarius, Libra, and Aries are excellent fits for Sagittarius, and all in different ways. For a Sagittarius and Leo pairing, Sagittarius will ensure that Leo never gets bored with a situation. A Libra or Aquarius and Sagittarius pairing work by the easygoing complement to Sagittarius’s adventurous nature; Sagittarius wants to experience something exciting, and Libra or Aquarius are always happy to be in for the ride. In a Sagittarius and Aries pairing, the Sagittarius is truly able to break down the walls of the Aries and show them how to have a little fun.



For Capricorn, great matches can be found in Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus star signs. Capricorns like things straight and to the point and this is just where these star signs excel. These tend to be long and happy invested relationships between these signs, rather than fleeting ones full of passion and emotion.


Gemini and Libra work particularly well with Aquarius. All three signs really value their own freedom and independence, which gives them a deeper understanding of each other right from the start. Additionally, these signs tend to shirk expectation or tradition in favor of just doing what feels right.


Pisces makes a particularly great match with Cancer as two water signs that truly understand one another on a deeper level. Each sign has a strong sense of self, and Cancer’s natural nurturing sense works perfectly with Pisces’ need to connect with their partner.

Your Moon Matters Too

It’s not just your sun sign that determines your compatibility. Your star sign will determine your action, while your moon sign will determine your reaction; two points that are incredibly important in successful platonic or romantic relationships. If you find that you’re only somewhat compatible with someone who should be a compatible sign, their moon sign could be throwing a wrench into things. However, these instinctual reactions aren’t something that an otherwise
successful couple will always find impossible to get over.

When you take your sun sign and moon sign into consideration, you’re really digging deeper into yourself and your friend or partner to see which levels work and which could use some improvement. By being mindful of your partner’s personality as it relates to their horoscope signs, couples or friends can work together to retain these connections and build them on a much deeper level.