What Should Your Sign Work On This Year?

Most zodiac signs have one defining flaw that puts them in the hot seat. This 2020, zero in on this one flaw and make it your motto to do better in this field.


Aries: Impulsiveness

What you may see as a burst of energy throughout the day, others may see as impulsiveness. Being led around by your instinct and your id may be exhilarating, but not everyone shares the same enthusiasm.

It would not hurt to try stepping back once in a while and letting your brain run first before your body does. Pause and see if your next actions will be for the benefit of more people and not just yourself, so your impulsiveness won’t come across as selfishness or lack of thought.

Taurus: Rigidity

Taking a stand is noble and admirable — until you take one too many and isolate yourself from compromises with friends and family. As much as we love a person who sticks to their own ideals, too much of a good thing makes you stubborn, not admirable.

One zodiac sign improvement that a Taurus can make is to allow a middle ground in making decisions. Remember, no man is an island, but if you keep disregarding others’ opinions and needs because of your stubbornness, then you might soon become just that.

Gemini: Flighty

While this trait seems to be a zodiac sign improvement meant for Libra, it also applies to this fellow air sign. Geminis often tend to adapt to new situations fairly well. Yet others might see this as them flaking out on previous agreements.

Instead of skimming the superficial and forgetting the details, try to be more grounded by connecting with the ones you’ve made promises, too. As much as air signs know how to go with the flow, it helps to keep anchored, so you can form relationships and maintain them.

Cancer: Pessimism

Negativity often stops people in their tracks, because it dissuades them from opening up to new experiences. Cancer is prone to this very threat; they tend to zoom in on the negative, which could bring down the mood and vibe of the group.

Be more trusting in yourself and others. Sometimes, even just thinking about positive thoughts and situations can steer your mindset towards this outcome.

Leo: Self-centeredness

When you have quite the personality, it’s easy to see how you capture the spotlight. Yet it’s also dangerous when you don’t see your spotlight’s boundaries — you can start crossing lines that will negatively impact others.

Confidence is a good thing, but when it crosses into arrogance, this is when the problem starts. Keep in mind that no matter how great you are, there are others in your circle who also deserve the spotlight. Learn to share, so you can also see the value in others.

Virgo: Overly-critical

Because you are a perfectionist, most people flock to you because they rely on your ability to polish things to perfection. Yet part of this process is ensuring that there is no mistake that passes your scrutiny.

Oddly enough, this perfection may be a zodiac sign that needs improvement in your case. Remember to take it easy with the criticisms, especially if they are no longer constructive and border obsession.

Libra: Indecisiveness

When you always try to see all sides of a story, chances are you’ll have a hard time pursuing just one path. This is the ever-present problem for the Scales. Their diplomacy in issues becomes an issue when they can’t just stick to one decision at a time.

Keeping options open is good to protect yourself, but if you keep doing this, chances are others will forcibly close the doors because they got tired of waiting for you to come in.

Scorpio: Obsession

What you may see as passion, others may view as obsession. Not all people share the same intensity of feelings. If you are not careful, your passion can burn too much or too brightly and turn off others who are not ready for such intensity.

Learn to temper your emotions by taking others’ perspectives. Doing this zodiac sign improvement is not about suppressing your passion, but rather channeling it in a way that is understandable and relatable to others.

Sagittarius: Overpromising

Spreading yourself thin is never a good idea, but this star sign seems to love doing this a lot. Sagittarius do not know how to say no, which often results in negative consequences for both them and others.

Being overworked is one thing. But if you keep saying “yes,” chances are you will end up forgetting about another promise, turning in a half-hearted job or burning yourself out. This will make you seem even more unreliable in the long run.

Capricorn: Unforgiving

Everyone deserves a second chance or a second shot. Yet for the Capricorn horoscope sign, there’s no second time around. They tend to make others feel less just because they are more superior.

Too much pride and no consideration to others spell the recipe for a great big communication disaster at home.

Aquarius: Impatience

There’s nothing sexier than a brilliant mind. However, there’s also nothing more of a bigger turnoff than someone who can not be patient in dealing with others. An Aquarius may be the most brilliant person in the room, but if they treat everyone as less intelligent and slow on the pickup, major conflicts will definitely ensue.

Remember not everyone is as brilliant as you, but there are people who want to understand your perspective. Take the time to share your views, and who knows, you might meet some of the best people who just want to learn more like you.

Pisces: Detachment

There’s no harm in being a dreamer; but if all you do is stay lost within your own world, then things can become tough in the real world. As romantic as the Pisces are, they need to learn how to be more sensitive about their surroundings. Otherwise, they might lose touch with others and end up being misunderstood.

Flaws may keep up from being perfect, but dealing with them is what makes people grow. The biggest challenge of each zodiac is to overcome these issues and live to be better another day.