Breaking Down How The Zodiac Signs Approach Breakups

Ending relationships never gets easier, whether it’s the first time or the nth time that you’ve gone through it. Your sign says a lot about how you can handle breakups. And if it’s the first time that you are encountering such difficulty in your life, you may look at your stars and see how you handle zodiac breakups based on your sign.

Aries: Bye Bye, Bridge

For the most competitive zodiac sign, even something like a breakup can become a score sheet. If you are on the giving end of the breakup, chances are, your ex will never see you again because that relationship is done. If you are on the receiving end, however, you try to set a new path for yourself.

This horoscope sign does not pity itself; rather it’s the other party’s loss. You are confident in who you are, and if your ex decided to end things, it’s because they cannot handle your spirit and spunk. The best thing to do: find a new relationship or take the time to regain your own bearings. You’re not afraid to be on independent — you love it!

Taurus: Turn to Tears, Then Return

Even though the bull sign screams “toughness,” the Taurus is anything but after a breakup. This star sign tends to process emotions by indulging in them. You are a romantic at heart, so a breakup tends to upset that balance of romance.

However, breakups do not break you. You know how to get in touch with your emotions a vis. You cry your eyes out. But you pick yourself up as well. Just make sure you do not get into a vicious circle of relationships, because even if time heals wounds, time should also be a teacher to make you better in understanding and being in relationships.

Gemini: Tell, Tell, and Tell

Ever had that friend who keeps telling that breakup story more than 10 times now? If that’s a Gemini friend, chances are, this is their process of healing and getting over it. Gemini rarely confronts their ex, because their expression is more about distancing themselves than getting a straight explanation across.

This might be even more of a challenge when they break up with their exes. Geminis know how to use communication as a tool to make it seem as if their partner was the one asking for the breakup. This is not about manipulation, but rather, they do not want to make the whole thing worse than it already is.

Cancer: Lashing Out, Licking Wounds

It’s not easy to get over a breakup when you thought you’d end up happily ever after. This zodiac sign is notorious for giving their all when it comes to relationships. When it ends, it often catches the Crab by surprise.

They end up putting up a front that protects their deepest feelings. Because underneath all that talk about not needing your ex, there is a crying Cancer who just wants to hold onto the last threads of the zodiac breakup. They may need time to heal so they will isolate themselves, but when they finally accept their new status in life, the cathartic release is as healthy as ever.

Leo: Pride Comes Before the Breakup

The Leo’s sign is the lion for a reason — it knows its value and understands and won’t take anything less. When a Leo decides to break up with a long-time partner, it means that the loyalty that you had for them has truly run out.

However, when the Leo is dumped, things could turn messy. The Leo knows its value, so they cannot see why others do not see that same value and are willing to let them go.

Virgo: Move On to Better Pastures

For the perfectionist sign, nothing is worse than a breakup, because it’s like the biggest revision you are ever handed out. The good thing about Virgos is that they are often grounded, so fantasies of childish romance was never on their plate.

When a relationship ends, they keep a level head and an open heart — mostly because they know that there are other, better relationship potentials out there, so why cry your eyes out for just this one?

Libra: Let’s Be Friends

If there was one big fault that a Libra could have, it is the tendency to
keep things open. Libra has always been an indecisive air sign, so getting into a relationship already entailed so much time and thought. If this breaks, it opens new doors, ones that the Libra will now feel the need to chase after again.

Because their indecisive side tends to take over, sometimes they may not even want to fully close the door on an ex. The line “let’s be friends” goes well with the Libra’s breakup strategy. While you and ex may no longer be on romantic terms, what’s stopping you from being friends?

Scorpio: Struggling With Self-Defeating Behaviors

This zodiac sign may be the most misunderstood when it comes to love. Their love runs deep, sometimes to the point that they do not truly sometimes understand what it is they are looking for. Breakups become an enlightening moment in the Scorpio’s life — it’s the time they realize their true feelings for their ex.

Sometimes this star sign may want to jump back into a relationship with their ex. But if the relationship was toxic, it is important to find a new outlet instead. Finding something that they can put their energy towards that also won’t put them too deep in the emotional department is essential.

Sagittarius: Lesson Learned—Or Did You?

The Sagittarius tends to take things in stride after a zodiac breakup because they feel that it happened for a reason. They try to analyze what happened, and then think of how they can do better next time. Sometimes, this “next time” is still with the same ex, which could open a can of worms that should have stayed closed.

Capricorn: It’s Not You, It’s Me

This line was made for no one else but the Capricorn. Even when they are not at fault, they would tend to take the blame because they feel that there’s something about them that needs fixing. While this is not always true, this certainly works to both their advantage and disadvantage.

Because of this, Capricorns may be the most amicable signs when it comes to breakups. They even go through their own journey of self-improvement. Yet other times, Capricorns may suffer from distress because they took all of the blame.

Aquarius: Think About It, and Then Some More

Because this is an air horoscope sign, Aquarius tends to think about their breakups so much on an intellectual perspective. Their processing involves more head than heart. They don’t get in touch with the personal, emotional aspect of it, and try to keep it all in the head. Remember, sometimes, all it takes is a good cry to feel a little better.

Pisces: Gut-Feel On What’s Next

As a water sign that goes with the flow, Pisces tends to trust instincts to take them to the next step. Breakups are hard, but since they do not want to deal with difficult situations, Pisces tries to avoid the negative emotions. It’s not about running away; it’s more like taking a break so they can get back in gear. After some rest and reconnecting with themselves, the Pisces would be ready to trust their gut to steer them back to normalcy.

Breakups do not always go as planned, and they involve a lot of emotions. Whether you are the heartbreaker or the heartbroken, the important thing to do is to learn from the experience, brush it off, and strive to be open to love once more.